Things to do 11個曼谷在地人交流相關行程

想要在曼谷體驗在地人交流嗎? 規劃一場令人難忘的曼谷旅遊行程,現在就搜尋並且預訂獨一無二的行程!

Reviews for 在地人交流 in 曼谷

  • Kate Kate

    International Buffet Lunch with Thai Arts & Crafts Workshop

    International Buffet Lunch with Thai Arts & Crafts Workshop Very enjoyable day, takes you away from the busy Bangkok into a tranquil place. I was shown around by the staff and did some creative Thai traditional activities and watched an elephant show and a very family orientated show... It was a nice day out. Would recommended it. Thanks

  • Gwendolyn Gwendolyn

    Learn about Thai Herbs & Cook your Own Traditional Thai Food

    Learn about Thai Herbs & Cook your Own Traditional Thai Food We had VIP treatment at sampran river - from initial greeting to goodbyes! Our host Thip was very gracious and hospitable all day. Aside from the interesting cooking class that we took,mwe were taken through the grounds, activities and then to a great lunch at the river restaurant. After which we were supposed to watch the cultural show and the elephant show, which one of our companions did, and she said it was really good. We chose to get a massage at the Spa, great experience. Would love to go back again soon.

    Only negative, taxi back to bangkok, the car had ants as the driver had food beside him, not the resorts fault, but i wish we had a better taxi going back.

  • Marie Marie

    Touring Bangkok with college students learning Japanese

    Touring Bangkok with college students learning Japanese I think this program is very good.
    I enjoyed eating Thailand dishes ,visiting university and talking about several things!!
    I recomend you this program:))
    Thank you !!

  • Chihiro Chihiro


    バンコク観光:日本語科のタイ人学生とタイの街へ! タイの大学生ってどんなキャンパスライフをおくっているんだろ??



    今回のツアーで私達を担当してくださったのは、ショートカットがチャーミングなチュラロンコン大学Political science学部1年のPunpunさん。



    First of all, my friend and I were wondering while planning our travel how Thai’s university students spend their campus life.
    This tour was an ideal one for us.
    Punpun who came with us was Chulalongkorn University students majoring in political science. She was lovely and charming.

    She picked us up at hotel where we stayed.
    Firstly we headed to Chulalongkorn University.
    The campus was so huge that we couldn’t see everything. And also it was full of nature.
    After visiting the university, we visited some shopping malls where a lot of university students went after school.

    We enjoyed talking a lot about our country, our campus life etc.
    It was unforgettable moment.

    Thank you.

    Chihiro (College student, 21 years old)

  • Jessica Jessica

    Pick Ingredients at an Organic Farm and Cook a Thai Meal

    Pick Ingredients at an Organic Farm and Cook a Thai Meal This was a lot of fun! We got to see and try a lot of vegetables and herbs that we often saw in the markets in Bangkok. It was very cool to see how this stuff grows. We thought it was a group thing but it turned out to be a private tour with my friend and I. We felt very special. The cooking class was fun too. They make it so that you really can't mess anything up. The only con was that they fed us way to much. We couldn't finish it all. Afterwards, we saw the Thai village and shopped around in some of the shops. It was pretty touristy but fun. There were elephants and we could see silk being woven. I would definitely recommend this experience. Lots of fun and the staff was super friendly and helpful.