Things to do 21個大阪探險&戶外相關行程

想要在大阪體驗探險&戶外嗎? 規劃一場令人難忘的大阪旅遊行程,現在就搜尋並且預訂獨一無二的行程!

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搜尋結果 1 - 21 of 21 行程

Reviews for 探險&戶外 in 大阪

  • Mylene Mylene

    Ski Resort near Osaka – Day Trip to Hachi Kita Kogen

    Ski Resort near Osaka – Day Trip to Hachi Kita Kogen Our overall ski experience in Hachikita Kogen is awesome although there is no English speaking tour guide or translator on our trip we still manage to go on. Thanks voyagin for your service.

  • Jobelle Jobelle

    Ski & Snowboard trip to Biwako Valley from Osaka or Kyoto

    Ski & Snowboard trip to Biwako Valley from Osaka or Kyoto Great snow experience just two hours from osaka! We enjoyed playing in the snow, Will definitely come back here.

  • Francesca Francesca

    Experience Samurai Sword Play and See Ancient Temples, Osaka

    Experience Samurai Sword Play and See Ancient Temples, Osaka This is the first Voyagin experience I ever bought and I'm so happy I found it, it was my bday present for my husband and after this experience he said many times that it was the best he received by far! yay! I'm was happy ^^

    I talked via PMs with the host and he helped me choosing the most easy meeting point and station for the pick up.
    The host was really friendly and easy to talk with, also he speaks English very well, I'm so glad since we are usually quite shy with new people.
    After we get dressed, we visited 2 amazing shrines, the staff (total of 5 people) of the experience and the family that lived in the shrines were so kind to answer our historical questions about the shrines, the samurai, ancient food, etc...
    At the last shrines we get first a really nice introduction to meditation trying to focus on emptiness for 5 minutes. the shrine was really incredible and experiencing some meditation in it was priceless. we were both thrilled.
    Me and my husband wants to thank all the staff of this pleasant experience from the bottom of our hearts, we make great memories of this trip to Osaka that will last forever within us.
    Even this was a precious gift for my husband I feel like I was really lucky to be there to take part of this too.

    Thank you again!!!

    PS bring along a tee and shorts to wear under the traditional clothes, so you can change after the practice :)

    Questo è stato il mio primissimo acquisto su Voyagin e sono davvero felicissima di averlo fatto! Sarebbe dovuto essere il regalo per il compleanno di mio marito ma alla fine si è rivelata un'esperienza fantastica per entrambi, nonostante lui a fine giornata mi abbia detto più e più volte che questo è stato sicuramente il miglior regalo di compleanno che abbia mai ricevuto prima! Yay! ^__^

    In PV l'host mi ha consigliato la stazione dove incontrarci per il pickup con la macchina, lui era davvero adorabile e molto simpatico, parla inglese in modo chiaro e nonostante io e mio marito siamo persone un po' timide, siamo stati subito a nostro agio.
    Dopo averci vestiti con gli abiti tradizionali abbiamo visitato due templi, bellissimi entrambi, nel primo la famiglia che lo abita ci ha offerto il tè e degli snack di riso buonissimi, sempre all'interno del tempio! Lo staff (5 in totale) ci hanno davvero accuditi tutto il tempo, forse perchè eravamo solo in due!
    Nel secondo tempio ci hanno spiegato il nesso tra samurai, la spade, la meditazione e la preghiera, qui abbiamo cercato di meditare per 5 minuti nel tempio sotto la guida dello staff (è stato incredibile!) dopodichè siamo passati all'esperienza con la spada e alla dimostrazione del Sensei.
    Abbiamo fatto tesoro del tempo passato qui e il ricordo di questa incredibile esperienza rimarrà per sempre con noi. Consigliato a chiunque!
    Allego delle foto della giornata!

    Portatevi una teeshirt e un pantalncino /pantalone comodo da mettere sotto gli abiti tradizionali, così potrete cambiarvi nuovamente a esperienza finita!

  • Katharina Katharina

    Learn How to Make a Japanese Character Bento in Osaka

    Learn How to Make a Japanese Character Bento in Osaka It was so much fun with Mizuki! She has been such a friendly host and we could ask all the questions we had. We could make so many different Obento characters. She was very nice! And we would love to go there again!

  • Niles Niles

    Enjoy cycling in Osaka

    Enjoy cycling in Osaka My fiancé and I took the Cycle Osaka tour yesterday and it was awesome! Sam was admittedly a history buff and not only did he take us to beautiful important spots such as the Public Hall and Osaka Castle, he also had plenty of interesting stories to tell about them. Bikes were top-notch, easy to maneuver, which were very useful when we would go around Osaka's quaint little alleys. :) This is a must-do if you like active activities! The food stops were great too!