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想要在京都體驗觀光嗎? 規劃一場令人難忘的京都旅遊行程,現在就搜尋並且預訂獨一無二的行程!

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搜尋結果 1 - 36 of 121 行程

Reviews for 觀光 in 京都

  • Patrick Patrick

    Walk around the Wazuka Tea farm in Kyoto!

    Walk around the Wazuka Tea farm in Kyoto! Beautifull place and we lurned a lot. Really nice experience and people! It s something that you have to do....
    They love what they are doing and you can feel it!!!

  • Katie Katie

    Enjoy Private tour to Kyoto Arashiyama Bamboo and Tenryuji

    Enjoy Private tour to Kyoto Arashiyama Bamboo and Tenryuji We started with our guide meeting us at the hotel, which really helped us with the trains and buses. The gardens, shines and temples we visited were beautiful. We did a little shopping and were shown a lovely restaurant which had lots of dining options. Would recommend.

  • Mary Mary

    1 Day Tour Around Historical Sites in Kyoto

    1 Day Tour Around Historical Sites in Kyoto Haruka T is incredibly professional and personally delightful. She is extremely knowledgeable and a fantastic guide. Haruka patiently crafted an itinerary based on my interests and it being my first time in Kyoto. Her lunch and dinner recommendations were PHENOMENAL. Haruka was extremely mindful of my advance requests (what I wanted to see, experience and eat), as well as the requests I made on the fly / the day of.

    We spent an entire day exploring Kyoto at a great pace, and I could have easily spent several more. I highly recommend booking time with Haruka if you want an expert guide, who is fun and easy to spend time with.

    Thank you to Voyagin and Haruka for helping make my first time in Kyoto such a good, happy and memorable one.

  • Chelsea Chelsea

    Go on a Gion Night Walk, Kyoto

    Go on a Gion Night Walk, Kyoto I actually speak Japanese fluently and visit every year, but it was my first time in Kyoto and my boyfriend's first time in Japan. We decided very last minute to book this tour (2 days before tour date) since it had great reviews, and luckily, Niall accepted our request. We immediately saw a couple of geishas. One must have just been grocery shopping and another was walking back into the dormitory. We saw another 2 or 3 throughout the night. It was really nice to just be led and learn and explore after days of planning and getting ourselves to different locations. Niall was super friendly and easy to be around. We hit all the big spots of Kyoto. I loved walking through all the cobblestone roads and seeing the laterns at night. He took pictures of us and thats when we realized that we barely had any pictures of the two of us throughout our whole trip! We visited some temples as well and ended the night at a Izakaya. It was super delicious!! Niall ended up recommending this bar to us that we went to after, and the whole night turned out to be pretty epic. I can't wait to come back to Kyoto! Thank you Niall for helping us fall in love with it.

  • Hayato Hayato


    京都1日ツアー(清水寺・祇園コース) とてもいい経験になりました。飽きることなくツアーを楽しめました。他のツアーも参加してみたいです。