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想要在兵庫縣體驗觀光嗎? 規劃一場令人難忘的兵庫縣旅遊行程,現在就搜尋並且預訂獨一無二的行程!

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搜尋結果 1 - 17 of 17 行程

Reviews for 觀光 in 兵庫縣

  • Karen Karen

    Explore the beautiful port city Kobe with a private guide

    Explore the beautiful port city Kobe with a private guide I had a very fruitful time in Kobe, thankful that Toshiko-san was very flexible to accommodate my requests for my desired activities: fruit-picking at FFP, explore Arima-onsen, and visit Rokko-san. She gave me very prompt replies on email before I arrived and thorough briefing about our stops specially the onsen. She was also very kind to consider that the original day I requested for the tour ended up with a highly likely rain so we were able to adjust to a better-weather forecast day. Thank you, Toshiko-san and Voyagin for broadening my Japan experience in a fun way! I must say Kana-san of Voyagin was also very very helpful with responding to my inquiries.

  • Mylene Mylene

    Ski Resort near Osaka – Day Trip to Hachi Kita Kogen

    Ski Resort near Osaka – Day Trip to Hachi Kita Kogen Our overall ski experience in Hachikita Kogen is awesome although there is no English speaking tour guide or translator on our trip we still manage to go on. Thanks voyagin for your service.

  • Norbert Norbert

    Ski Resort near Osaka – Day Trip to Hachi Kita Kogen

    Ski Resort near Osaka – Day Trip to Hachi Kita Kogen Let’s just say we started quite bad. We got lost at the Shin-Osaka station looking for the meeting point, good thing is that we asked a station staff for the direction but what he did instead of pointing to the direction to go, he himself guide us the bus station where the bus for our ski resort trip. We were late about 2 mins past the departure time but good thing that the bus hasn’t left yet.

    After an hour or over we stopped for a restroom/food/drink break and the driver kindly wrote on a piece of paper (because they hardly know how to speak English) the time that the bus will be leaving to continue on the trip because they just want to be sure that we will not be late again.

    Almost an hour later we arrived at the ski resort without any idea what to do with the tickets/papers that we were given by the staff on the bus. It is also hard to ask some staffs in the ski resort because just like what was said they don’t speak much English but a good sign or acting out did the job. We were able to exchange the “Limon” vouchers for the lift pass (yellow paper that you should show to people operating the lift to let you use them).

    Next, we went to this “C, B” rental shop where we rent the gears for ski/snowboarding. We spent a total of 14,000 Yen for the four of us, including the ski/snowboard and the suits. (3,500 per set). Then off we went to have fun.

    It was my first time to do snowboarding so I really don’t know anything even how to attach the snowboard to the snowboard shoes. Good thing there is this japanese teen couple that helped me put it on and even taught me the basics. It was a really fun experience and we would really like to be back there.

  • Benjamin Benjamin

    Ski Resort near Osaka – Day Trip to Hachi Kita Kogen

    Ski Resort near Osaka – Day Trip to Hachi Kita Kogen The bus picked me up at Shin-Osaka Station and traveled for about 90 minutes before stopping at a highway service plaza for a food/restroom break. It continued another hour or so to Sky Valley Ski Area, where about 1/3 of the passengers got out. Then it drove another 5 minutes before stopping in a parking lot about 750m away from the ski lifts and the rental shop.

    The bus couldn't get closer because the village roads were too narrow. A small van took everyone's ski equipment up to the rental shop, so I did not have to carry anything. Finding the rental shop was a bit of a source of anxiety for me, but I followed other people from my bus who seemed to know where they were going, and we were able to find it. The shop is across the street from Parking Area 19.

    One member of the rental shop staff spoke a bit of English and was able to help my friend rent skis. We were allowed to leave non-valuables on the floor of the rental shop, but there were also coin lockers available.

    Once we got our skis, we walked to the lift, exchanged the lift ticket voucher for a lift ticket, and got on the lift. Be careful to remember what this base area looks like. There are a few other mountain base areas, but the bus will only be easily accessible from this one. At the end of the day, my friend went to the bottom of the wrong area and had trouble finding the bus.

    The ski area has a pretty good variety of terrain, and a mix of fast and slow lifts. It took most of the day to explore the Hachikita side of the mountain. The Hachikogen side of the mountain is also available on the lift ticket, but I didn't manage to make it to the other side. I will definitely be going back!

    At the end of the day, we returned to the bus and once again had a break at a service plaza before returning to Shin-Osaka Station.

    I did not have too much trouble getting by without speaking Japanese. Overall, I had a great time!

  • Nur Nur

    Ski Resort near Osaka – Day Trip to Hachi Kita Kogen

    Ski Resort near Osaka – Day Trip to Hachi Kita Kogen The trip was awesome... Having a nice time skiing.. Beautiful view. Everywhere covered with snow. Only a lil bit of communication problem.. But we could understand thru hand signs.