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想要在銀座體驗獨特體驗嗎? 規劃一場令人難忘的銀座旅遊行程,現在就搜尋並且預訂獨一無二的行程!

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  • ya ling ya ling

    10% OFF 優惠!在東京體驗日本獨特娛樂 「 柏青哥 」

    10% OFF 優惠!在東京體驗日本獨特娛樂 「 柏青哥 」 今天的服務實在太好了,已經在臉書發文宣傳,也會多邀請朋友來參加。感謝熊麗的親切體貼溫柔,感謝Jane(?)的大方活潑率直,她們是很好的服務人員。

  • chingkuan chingkuan

    10% OFF 優惠!在東京體驗日本獨特娛樂 「 柏青哥 」

    10% OFF 優惠!在東京體驗日本獨特娛樂 「 柏青哥 」 一直想玩看看柏青哥,有這個課程帶我們入門真是太棒了
    中文的講師kai 相當親切的講解相關規則

  • Jennifer Jennifer

    Reservation for the Vampire Cafe in Ginza

    Reservation for the Vampire Cafe in Ginza The atmosphere of the Vampire Cafe was definitely an A1 experience!! The waiters/ servers were in full character, with face makeup, hair and everything! The ambiance of the room gave off a very mysterious feel. My friends and I were even creeped out a bit with how realistic everything was.

    The waiters/ servers were all so kind yet still acted in (anime like) vampire character. They spoke English very well, so it definitely is a foreigner friendly cafe.

    The only thing I was a bit confused about was the portion size of the course. My friend and I each had the Voyagin Basic Course (3500 yen). This course included 5 dishes and one drink. We assumed that we would each be getting our own plates of food, but were caught by surprise when all the food came out in just one plate each dish. My friend and I were given 2 small plates to share off of the dish. This made me wonder, "If I came here by myself, how big would the portion size/ dish be? Would we be given the same amount as if there were 2 or 3 people?" The only dish that had 2 separate plates was the dessert.
    Nonetheless, we were satisfied/ full at the end-- but I do recommend for customers to be notified that this will be the style of how the food will be served.

    As for taste, the food tasted very delicious!!! We were definitely impressed!

    Overall, this was a great experience, and I definitely recommend for people to come here especially if it's their first themed cafe experience!

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  • Agnes Agnes

    Ginza Nakagin Capsule Tower Tour

    Ginza Nakagin Capsule Tower Tour Amazing to see the capsule tower from the inside. I'm so happy that I found this tour. One of the best thing I did on my trip.