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Samurai Kart Asakusa

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  • Min Chih Min Chih

    37% OFF 優惠!東京淺草Go-Kart都市跑跑卡丁車

    37% OFF 優惠!東京淺草Go-Kart都市跑跑卡丁車 預訂行程很方便,但由於客人包含其他人,不能掌控這些不認識客人的突發問題,同行的兩位觀光客不知哪個國家的,一開始遲到,而且我們還等待他們,行駛途中這兩位客人還因為某因素要求先離開......其實staff很認真很熱情,就是部分客人莫名的需求,而且事先也都該知道行程的規劃,可是卻中途退出,影響我個人的體驗。
    必須說的是staff很棒! 就是部分客人不可理喻,所以強烈建議跟認識的朋友家人一起參與會有趣很多。


    37% OFF 優惠!東京淺草Go-Kart都市跑跑卡丁車

    37% OFF 優惠!東京淺草Go-Kart都市跑跑卡丁車 工作人員很活潑,態度親切,對次活動,非常滿意

  • Fiorella Fiorella

    37% OFF Go-Kart Asakusa in Tokyo

    37% OFF Go-Kart Asakusa in Tokyo The best experience of my life!!! The Staff was amazing. Everything is safe and they are always taking you pictures so you don’t need to worry, just live the moment!!! I drive for one hour because I thought I was going to be tired, but I just need more, it was amazing!!! Driving in a new city with cool people on costumes is so fun, it was like Mario Kart in real life!!!!

  • MaryKay MaryKay

    37% OFF Go-Kart Asakusa in Tokyo

    37% OFF Go-Kart Asakusa in Tokyo Zipping through the streets of Tokyo, lined with cherry blossom trees is beautiful and mesmerizing. Dressing in cosplay to sequester attention from onlookers is juvenile, hilarious, entertaining, and should be mandatory so even the apprehensive can be overcome with the elation this experience brings.

    The staff at Asakusa Samurai Cart are wonderful and acccomdating. We couldn't say enough kind things about them. Madoka-San was an awesome "trail boss". We were never in any danger thanks to her attentiveness. She snapped oil tures at fandom random intersections forus and then had the in our Facebook messenger before we could get a block away from their building. We spent the rest of the day reminiscing about how awesome the morning was and even tried to convince a local that she should participate in a drive. The two hour drive.

    If you're on the fence about whether or not such an experience would be enjoyable for yourself or your party, having a poor experience would take considerable effort. In short, ITS A MUST DO, potentially once in a lifetime event!!!

  • Kenny Kenny

    37% OFF Go-Kart Asakusa in Tokyo

    37% OFF Go-Kart Asakusa in Tokyo Amazing fun! Rode all over Tokyo and got to drive close to see the Skytree. Our guide was very good. We took a break one hour in to take pictures at Sumida park I believe. Overall lots of fun and adrenaline. Highly recommend. Staff members were very welcoming and great personalities.