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Seaman Corp

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Seaman Corp provides cruising services around Iojima Island area of Nagasaki Prefecture. With its Penguin ship, guests can enjoy the scenic view of Iojima Island and watch the under water sea creatures from the special deck designed for that activity.


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2 Reviews for Seaman Corp

  • Henry Henry

    Take a Trip to Gunkanjima by Ship!

    Take a Trip to Gunkanjima by Ship! It was an interesting trip that gave me new insights about Japan's industrial revolution, and close look at some amazing modern ruins. My respect for the power of the sea, and understanding the temporary nature of even reinforced concrete buildings was totally changed.

    I recommend going on one of the cruises with an English audio guide (limited availability - I missed out) because there is sooooooooo much more info available from the Japanese tour guides that what you can read on signboards or pamphlets.

  • Charles Charles

    Take a Trip to Gunkanjima by Ship!

    Take a Trip to Gunkanjima by Ship! I really enjoyed the gunkanjima tour with my wife. The ship crew were very kind and Peter, our english speaking tour guide, helped direct us around and how to use the head set. The tour was very informative and fully explained the purpose and history of gunkanjima. The tour also provided other interesting facts and history about the area which I enjoyed very much. We arrived 3 minutes before the boat departed but everyone moved very quickly to help us make the boat departure. I think they actually held the boat a little for us which we greatly appreciated. My only complaint is the audio equipment. The equipment is heavily used or old, therefore it is very fragile. I had to focus on keeping the wires straight in certain parts of the cord or the audio would not be heard. They should replace the audio equipment soon. I had a great time and would suggest it to anyone.