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Hi! We are Gincul!
You will be able to experience wearing a “Kimono”, a traditional tea ceremony and writing in Japanese calligraphy. “Kimono” is a Japanese traditional garment.
You can stroll around in Ginza town wearing a kimono.
Tea used in tea ceremonies is powdered green tea called Matcha. We will make your tea right in front of your eyes. You will enjoy “Wagashi” or traditional Japanese confections and green tea as part of your Japanese experience.
“Shodo” is Japanese calligraphy. “Shodo” is the art of drawing characters with “Fude” and ”Sumi”. Using the “Fude” or brush, you can write your favorite “Kanji” or Japanese characters. You can take your work of “Shodo” home in a frame.
We hope that our guests are able to feel the uniqueness of the Japanese culture through the atmosphere we provide in Japanese style room called “Washitsu”.
It has the smell of the “Tatami”.
We can take a commemorative photo of your experience.
Our goal is to create an opportunity to experience Japanese culture.


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