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Hello, my name is Alex and I am one of the people who help start the "Fair Warung Balé”. This is a social Warung (traditional cafe) that allows us to supply, in a useful and effective way, our Foundation - Yayasan, while employing people who have had or have social, medical or economic difficulties.
We are a place of learning, a workshop, in which people with social disabilities, emotional, economic or medical problems attempt to rebuild and plan for a different future. The goals of the Foundation as they have been accepted by the Swiss Confederation are to help young people aged 6 - 25, on aspects of health, education and training.


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2 Reviews for Alex

  • Paolo Paolo

    Learn Balinese Cooking in a Social Warung

    Learn Balinese Cooking in a Social Warung I have been there few times, I have also introduced the restaurant to some of my friends. Few tables, young and vibrant staff, smiling and loving people. Food is excellent, at a very competitive price.

    I recommend dinner time, before 8pm, as sometimes at lunch time the staff is busy in building a clinic downstairs, which will offer free medical assistance to everyone in need! It is owned by a foundation which helps local people to have a better life by training them, giving to them a job at the right conditions.

    The Foundation’s president is a Swiss fellow, very nice guy with a lot of ideas on how to improve the environment, health conditions and education for Indonesian people, with disabilities or in need of financial aid.

    The Foundation lives with the free support of whom wants to help, no one asks for anything, they have a small donation box at the entrance. What impressed me the most is the atmosphere, I felt home, chatting with new friends and enjoying very tasty food.

    There should be more of these successful initiatives! Bravo!

  • SGarde SGarde

    Learn Balinese Cooking in a Social Warung

    Learn Balinese Cooking in a Social Warung Take some time out of your vacation to pay Fair Warung Bale a visit.

    We had read the reviews and tried to walk in, only to discover reservations are a must. We planned ahead the next night and it was a great experience. Might not be the best food on the island, well worth the visit.

    The foundation has come up with a unique way to raise funds for a very good cause while mentoring and preparing the young beneficiaries to enter the real world.

    We met Alex, a bit eccentric, but fully dedicated and protective of his team.

    I left inspired. Leave your mark by adding a personalized stone on the wall.