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Lilir and Westi are both qualified guides for unique tours of Ubud’s rice fields and ravines, which introduce the visitor to a wealth of natural remedies growing by the wayside. Ni Wayan Lilir was born at home in 1972 near Ubud and I Made Westi was born in Mambal, Badung in 1973.

Their Mother and Father were both Balinese healers and farmer who have passed on to their children their knowledge, natural love and understanding of traditional herbalism

Knowledge of Balinese traditional herbal medicine came to us naturally through our families. We have also studied the Usada Bali, one of the traditional Balinese Books of Healing, and have spent a tremendous amount of time in the field studying Balinese plants and using them in our daily lives.

Westi and Lilir met at a guiding course and quickly discovered they had a garden of things in common. Lilir's parent’s were healers and herbalists and relied heavily on traditional remedies for their brood of 11 children.

Westi's parents were farmers who remembered how much healthier the soil was before chemical farming. They were both inspired to use their position as guides to help preserve Bali's unique indigenous heritage.

Westi became deeply involved in qualifying himself to teach others about Bali's living pharmacy. "I became interested in herbal remedies," he says. "My father was quite knowledgeable and I spent time learning from him before he died. Now I study with three traditional healers, but they are also very old. There is a real danger that this wisdom will die out if it is not recorded."


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15 Reviews for Lilir & Westi

  • Katrien Katrien

    Learn to Make Balinese Oils, Balms and Jamu in Ubud

    Learn to Make Balinese Oils, Balms and Jamu in Ubud What a fun afternoon! Rika was a very nice lady who showed us and explained very Well how to make a scrub, bodymask, oil and a drink. I came alone and there was 1 other participant, a funny Australian guy. We could chop and grind the herbs ourselves and try them on us aswell. It was great fun, very nice atmosphere in the small shop, nice interaction with the staff. We got all our selfmade products to take home, a great souvenir. The tea and crackers were very welcoming too.

  • Yee Ling Yee Ling

    Learn to Make Balinese Oils, Balms and Jamu in Ubud

    Learn to Make Balinese Oils, Balms and Jamu in Ubud I was delighted to have the opportunity to stay for a week in the village of Badung, in Lilir and Westi's house in my little Jamu making adventure. Badung is tremendously different from the touristy parts of Bali, and is a quiet place where the people know one and another and are nice and friendly. In the mornings, when the people go to work or to the markets, you could hear the roosters crowing, and also see dogs excited and accompanying their owners left and right.

    During my stay, I got to learn not just from Westi, but also his staff and contacts - to give me a varied feel of Jamu making. Its nice and therapeutic to slice, grind, grate etc, to prepare the ingredients for Jamu making. In the process, I learnt to make not just Jamu for healthy drinking, but also for the skin - scrub, massage oil and face mask.

    Westi and Lilir are incredibly warm hosts, and allowed me to experience truly local food, invited me to join in a customary ceremony, and took me out on a motorcycle to view some plantations where I never managed to in the past with a hired car as the road was too narrow for car passing. Its a great way to experience local Bali away from the hustle and bustle of the tourist spots.

  • Melissa Melissa

    Learn to Make Balinese Oils, Balms and Jamu in Ubud

    Learn to Make Balinese Oils, Balms and Jamu in Ubud It was a wonderful experience with Illur in Nadis Herbal! I definitely support more people experiencing how the Balinese produce botantical based oils.

  • Mandy Mandy

    Learn to Make Balinese Oils, Balms and Jamu in Ubud

    Learn to Make Balinese Oils, Balms and Jamu in Ubud My gf and I had a fantastic time at the class. The ladies in charge were really friendly and knowledgeable. The recipes were interesting and enlightened us on how easy it is to make beauty products using fresh ingredients. We also enjoyed out mini spa session. The shop was well stocked and we bought loads of stuff too.

  • Edward Edward

    Learn About, Find, and Pick Healing Herbs in Bali

    Learn About, Find, and Pick Healing Herbs in Bali We sent an email the night before to request a reservation on this tour. Made responded immediately, instructing us to meet him in front of the Luksian museum at 8:30 the next morning. There was only one other couple who had booked that day, so the four of us set off on our walk through a rice field just outside the city of Ubud. Made was an excellent and knowledgeable guide who converted his rice field into a herbal garden and a business. The scenery is pristine and gorgeous. Made explained the Balinese system of communal rice farming (subak) which is integrated into the spiritual (Hindu) belief system. We were able to taste the different indigenous herbs and learn about their natural properties. We stopped for a break after about an hour where we were served fresh coconuts. The herb walking tour ended at his shop where he sells medicinal herbs, natural soaps, essential oils, incense, and other cosmetic products. There was no pressure to buy anything; in fact, Made is quite modest, humble and adverse to self-promotion. We highly recommend this tour which was highly informative and spectacularly beautiful.