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I'm Misaki, and I'm from Japan.
I am a travel lover, and have been to more than 10 counties and have lived in California, Vietnam and Cambodia before.

Since my family owns a 150-years-old Sake brewery in Tsukuba, which is just an hour away from Tokyo, I would like to host Sake brewery tour to those who are interested in experiencing Japanese traditional culture during your stay in Japan!

About Inaba Shuzou (稲葉酒造): We have been brewing Sake called "Minanogawa (男女川)" since Edo era at the foot of Mt. Tsukuba, surrounded by fresh air and blessing well water in our backyard. Minanogawa is a name of the river flowing in the center of the mountain. Mt. Tsukuba itself is known for being a spiritual power spot and the nature is still well preserved. In the middle of Mt. Tuskuba, there's a shrine and we have been offering our sake since the beginning of our brewery. My mom succeeded the family brewery when she was 35 years old and became a touji (master sake brewer) of Inaba Shuzou. A female sake brewer is very rare in Japan! Our brewery is very small, and still keeps the original building; it has mud wall and thick tree pillars, not only that, but we still keep the traditional handcraft way to brew the authentic sake. Please come through Inaba Shuzou and taste the non-machinery, addictive free, REAL Sake!


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