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I am a transexual living in Kyoto, Japan.
I spent 14 yers of my life in the United States (Los Angeles, California)
Received my BA from U.C.L.A in International Relations hoping to work for the United Nations or going to Broadcasting. However, after returning to Japan, I realized that there was a dream that I always had ever since I was a little child and that dream was to travel around the world and see the world and at the sametime, use the knowledges, skills and experiences which I gained while I was in the United States.

Then, I thought to myself. "What would be the fastest way to make this dream come true" The answer was "Be a flight attendant for a foreign carrier" Luckly, I got accepted to one of the European carrier and worked for them for 3 yearrs and after that I said to myself "I haven't seen the whole world yet so lets try it again." Needless to say, this time I got accepted to one of the America's carrier. Worked for them for 6 years.

With all the experience I gained from being a flight attendant, now, I work as an instructor at a vacational school in Osaka preparing students "how to become a flight attendant."

Now, the big question you way have is probably, "how did you end up being a transexual?"

Well, simple. I was not satisfied with my original born sex A "MALE". Therefore, I decided to go through with the transition and I been a transexual ever since. No regrets. I love it !

So, the next question you may have is probably, "What am I getting out of you ?" This is also simple "I'm going to show you the night life of Kyoto"
I will take you to the local restaurants where Kyoto people eat, go clubbing, and go bar hopping. You can see how locals spends their nights and have chance to meet my friends. Oh ! ladies, If you like, I can even take you shopping.

Just let me be your first class attendant.

Please fasten your seat belt, relax and enjoy. We are about to air borne.


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2 Reviews for Hideka

  • Emma-Rose Emma-Rose

    Enjoy Bar and Nightlife in Kyoto with Transexual

    Enjoy Bar and Nightlife in Kyoto with Transexual I had such an amazing night! I'm a 20yr old female travelling alone and I was praying for someone to come along to show me around! God answered my prays! We went out to a club and danced and partied until the morning.. Then I was taken for some delicious ramen! The night ended up being way more fun then I was expecting. And now I have new awesome friends and memories that will last a life time! Hideka is so unique and by far the nicest chick I've met here in Japan !!! I definitely recommend this tour to everyone :) thanks heaps Hideka! :)

  • Sally Sally

    Enjoy Bar and Nightlife in Kyoto with Transexual

    Enjoy Bar and Nightlife in Kyoto with Transexual My friend and I thoroughly enjoyed hanging out with Hideka-san (for reference, we are 30-year old American women). She is a fascinating conversationalist, fluent in English and Japanese and with the ability to relate to people from all walks of life. We went to an ex-pat bar, a trendy dance club, and a ramen joint for maybe the spiciest bowl I have ever eaten. Hideka knows lots of people in the (according to her, rather claustrophobic) local scene, so I think if you specified the particular type of bar/club/restaurant/clientele you are interested in she could provide you with a perfectly tailored experience. I felt slightly weird basically hiring a friend for the night, but a friend is exactly what she felt like and I'd love to see her again sometime. Highly recommended!