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Hi my name is Carl Kay. I am a long-time resident of Tokyo with an extensive network of contacts among top people in almost all areas of life and culture in Tokyo and Japan. I choose a cultural concept I want to share with you, decide on what activities will help you feel and experience and understand that concept, and then find the perfect person who has the expertise and personality to best guide you through those experiences. Japan has an astonishingly rich and complex culture which in both its traditional and super-modern forms, offers the chance to add to and change your view of what human experience can offer. I would be so pleased to share with you one or several of the many experiences I have curated to help you get at the heart of Japan.


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  • Armando D Armando D

    In-Depth Otaku Culture: Akihabara

    In-Depth Otaku Culture: Akihabara I had been to Akihabara many times before but this tour showed me many new things. The tour was personalized and he explained in detail many aspects of Akihabara and how it functions as well as the history of the neighborhood. As a non-Japanese speaker you will miss much that Akihabara has to offer, so being led by a Japanese speaker will give you much greater insight and knowledge than if you were simply to go by yourself. Highly recommended.