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Hi, I'm Amisui
I'm an Ikebana (flower arrangement) instructor for foreign visitors.
I teach my Ikebana classes in English.
As a little girl, I grew up in the rural part of Japan, and jumped across the globe to attend college in the U.S., the U.K, and in France. Discovering and learning cultural differences was great pleasure and joy that was achieved by traveling all over the world.
This eye-opening experience influenced to create my current self!

I have been learning Ikebana for over 8 years since I came back to Japan. After spending several years working in the advertising and NGO industry, I decided to pursue my true passion in life, which turned out to be Ikebana!

My class aims to give people from other countries an opportunity to experience Japanese culture through Ikebana. I love meeting new people and sharing different values with foreign people. I promise to provide you with a very fascinating experience during your stay in Japan!


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  • Ann Ann

    Experience Ikebana in Tokyo!

    Experience Ikebana in Tokyo! Amisui San was a wonderful teacher and host for my mother and fiancée. She was very helpful, always kept us informed every step of the way, and by all accounts was a great teacher. I couldn't recommend her more highly. Thanks Amisui!