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My name is Guru Made and I come from a family of Healers in Payogan , Ubud, Bali. I am a Master at Traditional Balinese Healing Yoga and have taught healing to students from all around the world in the past 20 years. I hope to improve the lives of people through Healing Yoga and disseminate the practical knowledge, methods, and principles of healing, and create a balance of harmony in all aspects of life.

The art and tradition of healing yoga comes from the unity of the body and the soul. It can cleanse your soul and provide energy to your physical body, boosting your body's ability to heal itself. My mission is to teach Healing and Yoga to everyone around the globe with noble effort, stamina, and willpower.

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At a time when the world needs healing, a humble guru from a small village in Bali, Indonesia has made a promise: to heal people. It’s a vow that speaks volumes in silence.

Guru Made Sumantra. formed a worldwide tour to introduce authentic Balinese Yoga and healing to Australia 18 Mei 2008, France 29 Mei-12 Juni 2012, Nagoya 12 July 2007, Singapore 5-10 2010, Tokyo 7-12 Mei 2016, Kinabalu 8-10 July 2016, Kuala Lumpur 11-12 July, Dubai 13-15, Abu Dhabi 16-18 July, the United States 25 September-October 2016, and the Caribbean 8-12 October, Miami 12-15 October, London 21-24 October, Belanda 23-30 June 2010

Guru Made Sumantra will perform Energy Healing services and Yoga Healing classes. All funds Of Yoga and Healing collected will support Guru Sumantra’s travels to share his gift of love and healing with remaining funds to be provided to the Guru’s foundations in Bali.


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  • Pia Pia

    Heal Your Body with Spiritual Balinese Healing Therapy

    Heal Your Body with Spiritual Balinese Healing Therapy We where visit Guru Made and he gave us a chakra healing, which was fantastic! He also look at our toungues and told us what small things we need to take care of. He also gave us breathing instructions to do every day:)
    He asked us if we have a specific "thing" too "fix" I generally sleep badly and ask him to fix it,and tonight I slept for over eight hours. Haven't done that for a very long time!
    So this was a very special visit!!