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登頂東京最地標的建築——Mori Tower森塔,在瞭望台欣賞令人震撼的東京城市風光。你同時可以去“Sky Deck”或用VIP門票參觀展覽,這一切只在Voyagin!

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  • 在52層瞭望台欣賞東京令人驚嘆的城市風光
  • 參觀森塔森美術館和藝術畫廊的的世界一流的展覽
  • 輕松在線預約,當場換票或送至下榻飯店
  • 2017年12月31日前日期開放門票!

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(英文地址)Miyamasu ON Building 5th floor, 1-15-8 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
(日文地址) 〒150-0002 東京都渋谷區渋谷 1-15-8 宮益 ON ビル 5F

6F Roppongi Hills West Walk 6-10-1 Roppongi Minato-ku Tokyo 106-0032



- 前往HIS六本木之丘辦公室領取的話,請您勾選相應免費訂單項目
- 瞭望台和Sky Deck可能在未經提前通知的情況下因突發情況關閉
- 如遇強風,雨雪,雷雨,過熱天氣或大霧等天氣,頂層Sky Deck將出於安全考慮關閉。

節假日: 上午10點至次日凌晨1點(最晚進場時間為關閉前1小時)
Sky Deck: 上午11點至晚上8點(最晚進場時間為關閉前30分鐘),11月23日和11月24日關閉





使用者評論 (26)

  • Chia Ying Chia Ying



  • Justin Justin

    Fun and interesting

    I booked the tickets online and picked them up at the Roppongi Hills office. The exhibit was entertaining and you got to enjoy the views in between. Definitely get the skip the line ticket.

  • Jacob Jacob

    The added Marvel museum made this amazingly great value

    Had a great time.

  • Eng Hwee Eng Hwee


    Booked the tickets on the same day of visit. Fussfree and convenient. Highly recommended.

  • Nattaya Nattaya


    Stunning view! Save time :) No need to be in the line to buy a ticket.

  • Sandra Sandra


    Enjoyed Mori Tower Observation Deck since it featured all the Marvel Heroes from Spiderman, Thor, Iron man, Ant Man and many more. The view of Tokyo was fantastic. I love the breathtaking view especially from the Sky Deck. You should go during sunset so you can see both day and night view.

  • Renaud Renaud

    Amazing !

    The visit of the museum, Marvel and sky view is a must go. The tickets allows all of this with no issue at all.

    I went to HIS to get my ticket printed and the team was great. I paid my ticket online while I was discussing with them and 5 min later they were printing it.

  • Yumi Yumi

    Skipping yo the top.

    No need to queue for buying tickets so get them before you go there. It's an open ticket so you can use it on a later date if some emergency comes up.

  • Abd Halim Abd Halim

    Spectacular views of Tokyo

    The tickets arrived at our hotel on time, as promised. Within the envelope was clear instuctions on how to get there. We went on a weekday morning to avoid the crowds. The helideck was great on a sunny day. The indoor observation deck was fantastic too. There was a Marvel exhibition at the time, the price of which was included in the ticket. This was a bonus. I would recommend this experience if you have 1-2 hours near Roppongi.

  • ching hua ching hua

    Tokyo's night is very beautiful.

    I use pictures to tell you that the night of Tokyo as beautiful as a girl.


  • By Kakidai (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)], via Wikimedia Commons #2