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  • 不限日期門票讓您在2018年五月前,任意選擇您喜愛的時間造訪樂園
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  • 和您最喜歡的卡同角色體驗主題設施、觀賞遊行,還有超可愛的造型餐點及點心

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4/20, 27
5/9, 10, 11, 17, 18
6/7, 8, 22, 28, 29
7/6, 12, 13
9/6, 7, 13, 14


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使用者評論 (64)

  • Dhe Dhe

    Cheapest ticket😍

    Thanks voyagin! So helpful❤️❤️❤️

  • Nora Nora

    Warm and Fuzzy

    We enjoyed Puroland but noticed it was for a very young target audiences. There is a lot of very cute food and interesting omiyage, but the rides and the park in general are small and more geared toward very young children.

  • Mariz Jubeth Mariz Jubeth

    Too many kawaii stuffs

    Planning to visit again on weekdays, too many people on weekends. Didn't able to watch any shows and ride any attraction because you have to fall in line for more than an hour! So what we did inside is to try their kawaii sweets! It's just cute but not that good.

  • Anna Maria Venturina Anna Maria Venturina

    Our happy experience at Sanrio Puroland

    Transaction with Voyagin for the Sanrio Puroland tickets was smooth and easy. Looking forward doing business with you again....

  • Immacon Immacon

    sanrio puroland for my daughter's 2nd birthday☺️

    World of cuteness!! Its the second time i went here in sanrio puroland, and for this second time, i got our ticket here in voyagin! Its a very great deal!! From 3,800yen to 2,100 yen! This place for me is somehow not worth it for the 3,800 cost unless youre a hello kitty fanatic! But everything is so cute you cant resist to take pictures, and for this kind of season here in japan it is better to go for an indoor event right? There is only 2 rides for only a short minute, the parade is good. I went here last 2013, and the hello kitty show is same with the show yesterday. We ate at restaurant yakata, buffet dining and its good. Over all the day is filled with joy, of course for my birthday girl, who was given a birthday card from the staff!☺️
    Thank you so much for voyagin, at first they cancelled my request because i used my husband's credit card, but they said it to us properly and required us to take a pic of the card holder with his id. But it is resolved immediately and provided us our ticket. Im planning to look again for more great deals here in voyagin! Thank you🤗

  • Elaiza Elaiza

    Cheaper. Reliable Customer Service. Instant tickets.

    It was my first time to use Govoyagin and I was skeptical about it because I just searched for tickets to Sanrio Puroland and it was the first one to show up but I've found good reviews about it. We bought the tickets the same day we went to the park but had to chat with their customer service representative because I didn't receive the e-tickets within 30 minutes. It only took 2 mins for the customer service representative to send it to me. Got the e-tickets in my e-mail, went straight to the park gate, they scanned my phone, and we were able to get inside without any problems. I will definitely use Voyagin again!

  • Ivy Ivy

    Great deal!!!!

    My family loves it!!

  • Kimmy Kimmy

    Great deal!

    Save $ on tickets because there're so much more cute stuff to buy inside :)

  • Aleli Aleli

    Thank you Voyagin!

    The 45% off discount with the Puroland tickets gave us value for money. Entrance to Puroland was also a breeze because we were able to directly enter with ease, we just saved the vouchers on the phone & we got access fast. Thanks again Voyagin for this promo. Two thumbs up!

  • Maureen Maureen

    Well.. Hello kitty! Had a great time at your house!

    Purchasing tickets on line from Voyagin was a great saving.. at AUD $26 instead of $40 each
    We collected from their office in Shibuya ..easily done.. tickets also came with helpful travel directions .
    Thoroughly enjoyed the train trip to an outer area of Tokyo and our visit to Sanrio Pureland.
    If you have always loved the magic of Sanrio characters it will not disappoint ..great for us adult children who love fantasy..
    It is an indoor theme park with stairs and escalators between the four floors with lots of happy photo opportunities available .
    The main parade/ show was excellent and well presented.. food was fun.. Hello Kitty burgers etc.. and gift shop well stocked and reasonably priced.
    Extra fee for photos with Characters did not bother us..
    Be prepared to share with lots of little folk running around.
    A little escape into your childhood memories!!