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數寄屋橋次郎壽司 [六本木店] 訂位服務

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  • 世界最高專業水準壽司製作。
  • 享用的不只是美食,還有日本獨特的“職人文化”。

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使用者評論 (115)

  • Lifan Lifan

    Great experience & food!

    The sushi was wonderful! The chef and his assistants were super nice and spoke English very well. They were able to introduce each dish and the type of fish they were offering. The chef is very funny and able to say "thank you" in many different languages, including Mandarin, Cantonese, and even Shanghai dialect! We also took a picture with the chef after the meal, which lasted about 90 minutes. Again, the food was great and it was absolutely the best sushi I've had in my life. I will definitely try visit this restaurant again next time I am in Tokyo.

  • Timothy Timothy

    Worth the hype

    Came here on my last night in Japan. Sushi was top-notch... uni was the best I've had. You can tell Jiro is very serious about his craft but throughout the dinner, he really did try to converse with all at the bar (we were all tourists... no japanese speaking). Recommended.

  • Edward Edward

    A must eat

    This was our 2nd time going to Jiro Roppongi and it was even better the second time around. I went there back in 2015 and it was quite enjoyable. What made this better is that since then Jiro's english has improved significantly and he spoke quite a bit while preparing the Sushi. Having gone to other top Sushi places, like Sushi Umi, Sushi Sho Masa, etc. I think it's his rice that sticks out significantly ... just a phenomenal taste. Once you go taste sushi, its hard to go back to American state side sushi, but this is definitely something you should try and experience once in your life time.

  • Matthew Matthew

    Well worth the visit

    The experience was well worth the visit and most of the dishes were excellent

  • Sebastian Sebastian

    Fantastic lunch!

    Very good service. Relianle booking!

  • Sarah Sarah

    Everything we hoped for, the perfect way to end our honeymoon travels!

    Experiencing sushi with Takashi Jiro was truly wonderful. We tried to mentally prepare for the experience and learn the appropriate etiquette beforehand. It was worth it!

    The atmosphere is warm and inviting, we enjoyed tea while waiting for the rest of the diners to arrive. Everything is spotless. The staff are gracious and the whole operation is so very smooth.

    We enjoyed fish here that neither of us have EVER enjoyed before. The octopus was marvelous. Firm but full of flavor, not tough or rubbery, a revelation that octopus could be so delicious. The egg custard at the end, likewise, something we have not liked before was delicate and delicious. I have a stronger appreciation for what sushi CAN be like compared to what is commonly available.

    We visited Sushi Jiro Roppongi on the final night of our honeymoon trip to Japan. It was very special for us to be able finish our trip here.

  • Thompson Thompson

    Amazing Sushi. Amazing Experience. Amazing Service.

    It was truly an amazing experience. Each piece of sushi was properly explained. The techniques, how to eat it, what was done to prepare it. It was an eye opener for me and my friends. The meal was an orchestra of flavors and texture. The composer was funny, engaging, and passionate about the meal. 100% I would come back again. Thank you!

  • Jade Jade


    A lot of my friends ask me how do i get the reservation with Jiro. My friend's dad who is a VIP guest with Hyatt and they still couldnt get the reservation.

    Chef is super friendly and engaging with the customers. Very traditional omakase sushi experience. Love it

  • Grace Grace

    Very good dinner experience !

    Sushi and sake are vet delicious ! Because Jiro 桑,we are have wonderful night and feel happiness!

  • Rita Rita

    The best experience ever!

    The service and attention was superb, so was the sushi. People who work there are great. We're willing to repeat de experience.

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