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  • 您將參加三十分鐘的柏青哥歷史和玩法的講座。
  • 課後,我們將提供 1,000 日元讓您在真的柏青哥機機器上體驗! (1,000日元預付卡費用包含在參加費用以內)
  • 本活動可供預訂時間:12:00-20:00 (結束時間:22:00),中文課程為每周一和周六的10:00-16:00 (結束時間:18:00)
  • 參加課程的人皆能獲得日本紀念品。

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體驗達人檔案 :
Pachinko Class
  • English (Intermediate)
  • 日本語 (Fluent)


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使用者評論 (27)

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  • Amanda Amanda

    Seriously great experience

    Second time doing this and it's still a great activity! First time I was on my own. This time I went with my family, as I knew they'd love it. The host recognized me from my first visit and was happy to see me again. This is a perfect activity for people interested in more modern Japanese culture and who enjoy games of chance. It was a great way to spend the day.

  • Steven Steven

    Wonderfully !

    It's very good course and teacher for us to learn about pachinko at japan.
    very interesting and funny game, i love this experience and let me love pachinko after the course

  • Wai kong Wai kong

    Informative and enjoyable tour

    Really good insights to what pachinko is about. Good and friendly guide. Playing at the parlour is an experience as well as had always wanted to play pachinko.

  • Lee Lee

    Brilliant - must do

    Had a very friendly young lady called Coco who taught me the in and outs of Pachinko so well that I hit the jackpot when it was my turn for real. So came away with prizes that I weren't expecting to! Also gave me a hand written goodbye note. Personalised with her own drawing of the mascot. Well worth making the time in a trip to Tokyo! Thanks Coco

  • Blake Blake

    Super fun

    My husband and I needed a break from sightseeing so we were really happy we were able to book a pachinko lesson with only 1 day notice. We were met right at the metro station and it's a quick walk to the company's office where we were given a lesson and were allowed to practice on a few machines.

    Once we understood how to play, we went down the street to play in the real parlor. We were given cards worth 1,000 yen and picked our machines. I didn't do very well but my husband won, which of course made the experience extra fun. We traded in the winnings for tiny gold pieces and some snacks. The entire experience was about 90 minutes.

  • Fiona Fiona

    Great time learning Pachinko

    The experience was a lot of fun! It's a really good price and doesn't take long, so it's easy to fit into the day!

    The host had very good English and was very helpful, and a great teacher!

  • Renee Renee


    Last minute addition to the itinerary, and they kindly accommodated me. Oh, this was so much fun! I felt taken care of from the moment I met my guide to when I left. First they meet you at a designated spot and walk you to a classroom style setting, where you’re given the history and “ins-and-outs” of playing pachinko (with test machines to practice on). Even though it was only her second time conducting this particular tour, my guide was FANTASTIC: spoke English well, very attentive, and even wrote me a lovely little note by the end of the experience. She must have been my lucky charm because I ended up hitting jackpots multiple times and making back the money of the Voyagin tour two times over! I especially liked how this particular pachinko parlor converted all their winnings into solid 24k real gold pieces – so if you didn’t want to cash out it’d make a fantastic souvenir. This tour also gave some cute little $1 style trinkets for you to choose from and take home. All in all, really highly recommended. Now I’m no longer intimidated by pachinko parlors. :)

  • Amanda Amanda

    Great learning experience.

    I ended up enjoying this activity way more than I expected! Pachinko is like a slot machine mixed with video game cutscenes, button mashing and a tiny side of pinball. It was a really great deal and an interesting, unique way to spend a few hours.

    I've been wanting to try out pachinko after seeing long lines of people waiting outside to play. I couldn't help but wonder what was so amazing that people would line up to play it, but didn't have the courage to go inside and try it out. Which is probably a good thing as I would never have been able to figure out how to play without some help!

    Getting to the location was easy and my guide was waiting for me just outside the train station exit with an easy to spot sign. We then walked a short distance to an office building where the class was held. It was nice getting to learn in a quiet, comfortable space as the actual playing area is very loud and busy. After a detailed presentation on the ins and outs of pachinko, I then got to spend some time on a few practice machines while the instructor pointed out all the key features and things to look out of. My instructor was great and she patiently answered my many questions.

    The real deal was interesting. You get a precharged card to start off with. You can also help yourself to hot or cold green tea while you play. I stuck mostly to the low cost beginner machines and managed to hit 5 'jackpots' in a row. Given I was playing on the super cheap machines, it earned me a lovely bag of cookies from the prize shop.

    If you are thinking about trying this....do it! You won't regret it.

  • Kathryn Kathryn

    Fun experience

    I've always wondered about Japanese pachinko but it seemed a bit intimating to just walk into a pachinko parlour not knowing how to play. Now I know.

    The pachinko class was lots of fun and informative. The host was fantastic, very easy to understand and friendly.