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27% OFF 在東京明治座觀賞現代歌舞伎表演“SAKURA-JAPAN IN THE BOX”

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傳統的日本歌舞伎藝術和日本流行文化動漫相結合的音樂劇“SAKURA-JAPAN IN THE BOX”!

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  • 日本傳統藝術和動漫文化相結合的音樂劇
  • 光雕投影技術,為武士與忍者的交鋒場景更添視覺刺激
  • 日本舞踴與現代流行舞,日本樂器與搖滾樂的完美融合
  • 下載專用手機客戶端,同步瀏覽中英文字幕
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※ 4周歲以上兒童請購全票。 (4周歲以內不需要座位的嬰幼兒免費,如需座位請購全票)
※ 入場時請提供預約確認郵件的打印件,或直接向工作人員提示手機的郵件頁面。




使用者評論 (147)

  • Emma Emma

    Great experience

    The show was very entertaining. The dancing was great, and the costumes were fab, though the storyline wasn't always very clear. A great show.

  • Hui Ying (Katie) Hui Ying (Katie)

    Amazing show with talented cast.

    There wasn't much spoken English, but the storyline was easy to follow. Very interesting show with amazing cast.

  • Melissa Melissa

    Entertaining and Interactive

    Good evening out. Was impressed with the gymnastics and interactive bits; even when they dropped "sakura blossoms" on us. Was great to see a cast of all women with different shapes and sizes and talents.

  • Susan Susan

    Cool show

    My son enjoyed it so much. I like the music not sure about the other singers, but the last one had a beautiful voice out of all the girls. Don't really need to read it just enjoy the music.

  • Hiroyuki Hiroyuki

    Don't think its storyline. Just feel it. It is fun!

    It could be better if it has a storyline, but you can see many things about Japan at once here.

  • Intissar Intissar

    Excellent spectacle >^_^<

    Excellent spectacle qui me donne envie de revenir le revoir encore une fois^^.
    J'ai adoré la façon dont les "éléments traditionnels" ont été intégré dans le spectacle.
    L’accueil est très chaleureux <3


  • Puput Puput

    Very vibrant performance

    In general, this is a very vibrant and entertaining performance. Combining every element of what Japan's known to the world. The 4 seasons, anime, technology and also traditional culture. However, I found that the storyline is a little bit jumbled and confusing. But it is still an interesting performance to watch when you are in Japan.

  • Alexandra Alexandra

    Magical experience for the family

    What a wonderful and magical night we experienced. It's the only shoe you need to see. It has tradition, anime, instruments, singing, beautiful costumes. Everything! It is perfect for children!

  • Alex Alex

    Really cool experience

    I'm sure there was some sort of storyline, but I have no idea what it was. I just thoroughly enjoyed the music, the dancing, and the spectacle. It's a bit out of the way as far as touristy spots, but it's worth the train ride.

  • John John

    An interesting concept...

    I got the tickets for free and went there with my bf. The show had some interesting parts but it lacks a good storyline.


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