Join a Sushi Making Workshop nearby Tsukiji Fish Market

ID: 7595

If you dream of sushi making, give it a try at its birthplace, Tsukiji! Japan's premiere Sushi School, Tokyo Sushi Academy, offers 90-minute intensive workshop in sushi making: instruction for 30 min, all you can make and eat for next 60 minutes!


  • Instructions: First, our professional instructor will explain slowly and carefully how to make Edo-mae sushi from scratch. In no time at all, you will learn the basics of making authentic sushi. Remember: If in doubt, ask!
  • Practice: Next, you will try making sushi yourself under the watchful eye of our professional instructor. Take your time. If you run into difficultly or are unsure, our friendly, helpful instructor will be on hand to help.
  • All you can make and eat: Now you can enjoy your very own—entirely unique—sushi! Sushi made from the heart with good technique is bound to taste amazing. You are welcome to try making some more, even better tasting sushi if you want!
  • Photo! For your memory of world famous Tsukiji!

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