Japanese Calligraphy Experience at a tatami room, Tokyo

ID: 8456

After an introduction by a professional master, complete your favorite kanji (Chinese character) in Japanese way with a writing brush. In a quiet Japanese room in Tokyo, you can feel Japanese culture through the touch of a brush and the scent of ink.


  • Decide the Chinese character you want to write - an interpreter helps you decide one character showing samples or answering your questions about the meaning of characters.
  • Explain the time schedule and how to use calligraphy instruments - how to grasp the brush, how to grind an ink-cake, posture, the correct order to write, etc.
  • Learn how to write the Chinese character - your master writes the copy of the character you choose in front of you. Look at your master's performance carefully!
  • Practice - practice your character on a few sheets of plain paper, a kind of Japanese paper, imitating your master's copy. Then make a fair copy.

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