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  • 穿著比基尼的太鼓達人、充滿了雷射聲光效果、機器人、戰鬥、奇妝異服的機器人主秀,與其他更多精彩表演,表演本身有如身臨科幻電影場景。
  • 充滿感官刺激與驚人燈光效果、豐富的色彩與設計,機器人餐廳絕對會帶給您瘋狂的東京夜。
  • 除了餐廳菜單上所提供的食品及飲料以外,您也可以預定日式便當。

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- 酒醉者
- 戴太陽眼鏡者
- 衣冠不整者
- 穿著誇張戲服者
- 幫派成員或有顯著刺青者 (若您有刺青請將其遮掩住)



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使用者評論 (835)

  • Jack Jack



  • Nicole Nicole

    Great value

    Great deal and great show. Very easy to book online and show them the confirmation email at the door. 5/5

  • Eagle Eagle

    Cheesy not up to date with Robots at all

    really one for the kids.....I read reviews that said it was great maybe they are parents stuck in the 90's, there is much more in Tokyo

  • Rajesh Rajesh

    Great experience

    One should definitely visit

  • Allison Allison

    Very unique!

    The Robot Restaurant was truly different than anything we had seen. It had some hilarious characters and legitimately cool robots. We were hoping for more of a plot, but we enjoyed the different acts nonetheless. I'd highly recommend going, just to cross it off the bucket list. A fun night for tourists in Tokyo!

  • Paul Paul

    Robot restaurant!!!

    Crazy awesome good times

  • Brette Brette

    Tourist Trap

    This place is a tourist trap. Yes, Japan has weird and crazy culture, but this show is not authentic and basically just takes advantage of the weirdness. The experience consists of this: 1) you arrive 30-45 min early and get herded up to a room where you can buy drinks, food, and merch, and watch a "pre-show" of a woman singing and two people in robot costumes playing guitar. 2) You are herded downstairs to watch the actual show, which is divided into acts like this: a) you sit there while they sell you food and drinks; b) 15 minutes of show; c) 10 minutes of them selling you food and drinks; d) 15 minutes show; e) 10 minutes of them selling you food and drinks; f) 15 minutes show. It's silly and weird and mildly amusing, but in no way representative of seeing the real Japan.

  • Jennifer Jennifer

    amazingly awesome

    loved it!!!! no words to explain how awesome this place is!!! its in a very convenient area next to lots of fun themed restaurant’s but taxis are still very easy to get if you wanted to go somewhere further
    would highly recommend and go again

  • Chi Chi

    Blew my mind

    I don't think I need to say anything else because the reviews for the Robot Restaurants out there already say it all. And it is beyond of what you can possibly imagine!

  • Amanda Amanda

    Most mind-blowing performance!

    Hard to describe -- this place is incredible! Don't miss this if you're in Tokyo!

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