Delve into the Essence of Japanese Beauty with Calligraphy

ID: 4107

Japanese calligraphy is an art which embodies the elegance of Japan. You can learn how to create art works of calligraphy in English. Make your own calligraphy works at my classroom and take them with you as your own precious souvenirs!


  • Learn the basics of calligraphy like Japanese students do
  • Attune your sense of harmony and balance through creating works of calligraphy - plus a chance to use a rare high quality calligrapher's ink stone
  • Learn how to beautifully write your own name and other words of your choice with Japanese letters and intricate Chinese-derived letters (Kanji)
  • Create your own art works of calligraphy that you can take home, frame, or give as a gift
  • Enjoy an immersive experience in learning about Japanese beauty and culture

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