Camp Overnight atop Mt. Batur and see the Sunset & Sunrise

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Join an overnight camping tour that takes you to trails and sights unseen by most who venture Bali ’s favorite hiking trails. A combination of hiking and camping tour to see both a breathtaking sunset and sunrise from the top of Mt. Batur.

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  • Equipment provided by EIGER® : Tent / Sleeping bag / Backpack / Trekking poles and Warm Jacket
  • Set your tent and be ready to watch the sunset overlooking Java Island
  • Explore Bali's favorite hiking trails in Bali
  • Stunning sunrise overlooking Lake Batur, Caldera Batur and Mount Rinjani on Lombok Island
  • Visit Batur Natural Hot Spring to relax and to soothe your muscles after the hike

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Your hotel.



Your camera for some great shots
Extra change of clothes
Swimsuit for the hot springs

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  • Español (Intermediate)
  • Bahasa Indonesia (Fluent)
  • Bahasa Melayu (Fluent)

Hi, my name is Nyoman and I help manage a group of experienced licensed guides here in Bail. As you have probably seen online, there are many guides available on the island, but my team prides ourselves on total guest satisfaction and are to helping you have an unforgettable trip! Personally speaking, I would say I'm a simple, easygoing person, who loves reading and writing. I have been an avid reader of history books for a long time and am actually a professional and licensed tour guide. I majored in cross culture interaction at Udayana University - the best university in Bali - and I love meeting people from all around the world. Let my team and I bring you to explore Bali the next time you are here!
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使用者評論 (32)

  • Malene Malene

    Best trip ever

    We had the best trip ever. The guide was sweet and funny, the food was good and in the evning We played cards and sang, this was really nice.
    Its the best feeling ever to wake up on a mountain and see the sunset.
    Of all the things that We did in Bali this was one of the best things.
    All was proffecionel but also funny and with a smile.
    If you go remember warm clothes for the Night Its cold to sleep on the mountain.

  • Cathy Cathy

    Ms price

    Absolutely fantastic

  • Khalid Khalid

    Thanks for the wonderful experience

    It was really great although it was so cold but a great experience.. the tour guys are amazing.. thanks wayan for for providing me with extra charger it helped a lot.. and thanks for gede my tour guide and jode (the guitar guy I hope this was his name, Sorry I forgot) he is really talented and made our night with the singing and playing guitar.. they also made me coffee and breakfast and a delicious dinner.. thank you all.

  • Julien Julien

    Best Sunrise and Sunset of my Life !

    I definitely recommend it ! Nyoman prepared everything, dining at the top of the Volcano was breathtaking ! He has all the equipment required, we did not organize anything ! And you wake up with such in incredible sunrise.... We will come back and do it !

    (Don't forget to take something warm like a sweat shirt)

  • Aldo Aldo

    Aldo experience

    Great service and will come back for moreeeee...

  • Michael Michael

    Well worth the effort - a great experience

    I enjoy walking/hiking and always look for these types of options when I am travelling and have the time. Favourite part of the experience was witnessing the sunrise by simply opening our tent flap, sitting there and taking photos. Our hosts were fantastic - knowledgable, humorous - he adapted the pace to suit my 65 year old self.
    This is a hard slog and you need a reasonable level of fitness - also it's a wilderness so don't expect too many creature comforts.

  • Laetitia Laetitia

    Best Experience Ever !!! To do

    My boyfriend and I did this tour in September 2017. It is a MUST, we had the BEST experience of our lives! Our guide and porter were locals and once at the top we spent the evening talking, drinking tea, singing and playing guitar for Hours. You of course have a very nice cooked diner to warm you up Before😉 There Is very few people that sleep overnight, it was only us 4 and another group of 4 on the other side of the mountain. It very much feels like it is only you!
    The next day, we were up for the Sunrise and very lucky not to be in the crowd! Our Guide and Porter stayed with us and made our breakfast and our own bonefire 🙏 We were the lucky ones that could naturally warm up at the top while eating!
    Now if you wonder "is it feasible?" or "can we trust this website and these people?" It isn't the moment to back out! Well yes, it is feasible and you anyway go up at your own rythm, it's only your small group and the guide( we were only my boyfriend and I). The guide is very patient and keen for breaks. We personaly had breaks very often and It took us 2hours and 30mn to reach the top, slowly but surely, with all the reward that goes with it ! It was my first time booking with voyagin everything went well, our guide and porter were Adorable, PERFECT!
    Oh yeah and The next day you go to delighting hot springs, a great combo !
    I recomend this trip to EVERYONE and hope that you'll feel what we felt for this trip. We just have no Words to express how Unique and Intense it was but we promise you that it will speak for itself 🙏
    Thank you so much Guides, you guys have been Awesome, we will never forget this moment with you 🙏
    Laetitia & Olivier

  • Erica Erica

    Great way to see Mt Batur and the sunrise

    This is a great way to see Mt Batur and to get to see the famouse sunrise. I really liked doing the hike up in the afternoon (insteady of pitch black night), having a nice evening up on the mountain even if we had bad luck as it was completely cloudy.

    The guides were fantastic, really nice and made very nice food. We had an evening of guitarplaying and playing cards.

    In the morning they made an open fire to warm up, they prepared nasi goreng for breakfast and we had a topspot to see the sunrise without any other people around (the rest of the mountain were packed of people).

    I do recomend warm clothes; in end of August it got very cold at night and the sleepingbags are not very thick. Even though a night with not too much sleep this is a fantastic way to experience Mt Batur which I hightly recommend.

  • Claire Claire

    Great hike!

    Great hike up Mt. Batur. I wouldn't under estimate how steep the climb is but it is manageable. It unfortunately rained on our hike but the whole experience was worth it.
    The hospitality from our guides was exceptional and would recommend them highly.

  • Jaime Jaime


    The entire experience was great from start to finish! The hiking was challenging but rewarding with incredible views of the lake and town below. Our guides took us at our pace and made sure were doing okay the entire way up. The views from the top were phenomenal and the dinner they cooked us at the top was amazing! One of the guides had a guitar and we sang around a campfire while drinking Bintang (pretty expensive to buy at the top so would suggest buying before hand and bringing in your backpack) The guide also helped me setup my Nikon to shoot the starry sky and sunrise. After the hike down we relaxed and had lunch at the Hostel before making our way to the natural hot springs, which is located right on the lake. Enjoy your time with this crew, you will leave with great memories and new friends!