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You don't need to bring anything in particular, but you are welcome to take your camera if you wish.

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Hello! My name is Gusti Ayu and I am a Balinese woman with a dream to offer people the chance to sample the extraordinary craft culture of the native Balinese. I began polishing the silver jewelry my Father created when I was 10 years old, just like my brothers before me. Over the years, I went from being a silver jewelry maker to a teacher offering silver classes to visitors to Bali.
Now, in my own gallery in Ubud, I offer people the opportunity to experience all of the major crafts found in Bali- silver jewelry making, wood and stone carving, batik, classic Balinese painting, ceremonial offerings (temple offerings), Balinese dance, fruit carving, lontar weaving, kite making, puppet making- I hope I remember them all!
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使用者評論 (4)

  • Darren Darren

    Great fun and something a little different

    Had a great time carving a watermelon. The instructor was nice and patient and the workshop was in a great setting. Ended up very happy with my finished design. You are using some very sharp implements so probably not recommended for younger people.

  • Ren Jean Ren Jean

    Always wondered how the hotel staff made those amazing fruit carving decorations seen at the buffet table. Now I can make one myself! The teacher, Wayan, was friendly and funny, encouraging us to let our creativity flow and carving any shape we felt like. He somehow managed to make all the odd shapes look really beautiful with secret fruit carving techniques. I'll be filling my house with flower-carved watermelons after this!

  • Lauren Lauren


    Awesome class! I was the only one who signed up for it, so I got to do the class by myself. It was great. I loved learning how to do this! It's a skill I will continue to work with!

  • Minaka Minaka

    先日フルーツカービンのクラスに行ってきました。予約したのが直前だったのですが、前日にようやく返信が来て行くことが出来ました。 迎えはお店の女性の方がバイクでいらっしゃいました。 市内からはバイクで10分ほどでしょうか?こじんまりしたアートギャラリーの裏にあるお庭(?)でおこないました。蚊が気になる方は虫よけスプレーを持っていくと良いかもしれません。 初めてのカービングでしたが、スイカに綺麗にカービングができ、終わり際に使ったナイフ等を売っていただきました(買わなくてもいいですが)。まだ使う機会はありませんが、家でいつかやってみようと思います。 やり方の紙等はないので、手順を毎回カメラで撮影などしておけば、次回自宅でやる時に良いかと思います。