Things to do 3件泰国运动行程

想要搜索泰国的运动 行程吗?发现和订购各种特别的行程,希望您在泰国留下难忘的回忆!

Reviews for 运动 in 泰国

  • Jan Jan

    The Ultimate Bangkok Bicycle & Boat Tour: Ride. Eat. Drink.

    The Ultimate Bangkok Bicycle & Boat Tour: Ride. Eat. Drink. The full-day cycling tour with Co van Kessel was a wonderful experience. Starting off with a short ride through Chinatown followed by a 40 min train ride out of the city we then spent about 2 hours cycling through the country side and plantations east of Bangkok. You get to see a very different side of this bustling metropolis. Getting back into the city we used a variety of local transportation options: long-tail boat, sŏrng·tăa·ou, sky train, tuk tuk and Chao Phraya express boat. I only wish we had spent a little less time visiting markets and temples and extended the cycling part of the trip instead. But it was a very worthwhile experience nonetheless and one that I can highly recommend!

  • Yolanda Schmidt Yolanda Schmidt

    Kick-ass with Muay Thai & MMA

    Kick-ass with Muay Thai & MMA I have learned so much after taking a solo trip to train with Muay Thai trainers who have been competing since the age of 7 and have hundreds of fights under their belt. These trainers are an inspiration to me. I believe 2.5 weeks is not long enough. I would have loved to stay longer