Things to do 9件大阪购物行程

想要搜索大阪的购物 行程吗?发现和订购各种特别的行程,希望您在大阪留下难忘的回忆!

Reviews for 购物 in 大阪

  • Terrence Terrence

    Hire your personal shopping guide in Osaka!

    Hire your personal shopping guide in Osaka! Whenever I travel to a country, I enjoy shopping for food are other hard to find items that are a specialty of that particular country. Aya-san's Personal Shopping Tour was exactly what I was looking for. I had some specific things in mind that I wanted to buy but I wasn't familiar with the different brands and I couldn't read Japanese. I also wanted to buy products that were very popular but difficult to buy outside Japan. Aya-san's English is excellent and she's a very efficient shopper. Prior to the tour, we communicated often about what I was looking for and she came up with an itinerary and a plan to best utilize my 2 hours. Aya-san also did some research to ensure that we went to the most reputable places, and got the best price and best value possible. I brought home a treasure trove of food and toiletries and learned a lot about different brands. Aya-san's international exposure and perspective made for an enjoyable 2 hours - it was like shopping with your close friend and best of all, she can bridge the sometimes challenging language and cultural barriers that visitors sometimes encounter. I super loved the storage locker in Hankyu! Saved us the hassle of lugging all our shopping around. Overall, it was a great experience and I would highly recommend Aya-san for this tour!

  • Daniel Daniel

    Tour the Minami Shopping Area or Dotonbori Street in Osaka

    Tour the Minami Shopping Area or Dotonbori Street in Osaka Since Yuki could not make it himself he arranged for someone else to give me the guided tour. I was guided around Minami Shopping area and Dotonbori Street by 3 girls, Satomi Oya, Akari Kato and Satsuki Ito. They were very friendly and I had a really great afternoon! We had some delicious Osaka food at Dotonbori street and they told me about Osaka and we talked about all sort of stuff. And I also got to go with them to Shitennoji Temple.

    It was a great day in Osaka and I highly recommend the tour!