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搜寻结果 1 - 17 of 17 行程

Reviews for 激流泛舟 in 日本

  • Chris Chris

    Enjoy Half Day Fuji River Rafting Tour near Mt.Fuji

    Enjoy Half Day Fuji River Rafting Tour near Mt.Fuji Really recommend the experience. We both had some experience of rafting and kyaking before going and unfortunately the water levels were quite low. The centre was really well equipped and the guys brought along a smaller raft and some paddle boards to let us play around on. This and there fun relaxed approached more than compensated for the lower water.

  • Amy Amy

    River Rafting in Tama River

    River Rafting in Tama River We had an awesome time on our rafting trip!! Such nice people. Our rafting guide was named Homu and he was fantastic with our 3 kids. They loved every minute of it and the river was beautiful. We've already recommended this trip and Forest and Water to lots of friends. Thank you for a great experience!!

  • Alex Alex

    River Sports in Tokyo's Countryside (6/24)

    River Sports in Tokyo's Countryside (6/24) The opportunity to experience the countryside of Tokyo was really quite appealing. It was even more appealing with this incredible offer!

    The whole group enjoyed this incredible experience! The whole experience actually began when we started making our way to Okutama on the train. From the beginning, we were impressed by the professionalism of the coaches/instructors and the English-speaking guide.

    The excitement began with the suiting up. While the water was incredibly cold, we quickly grew accustomed to the temperature as we made our way upstream, encountering mini waterfalls which we had to climb up, along the way. While tough, even the youngest among us (9 years old) was able to make it through the course. We only turned around at the last one as the water level was a little high and deemed too difficult. The coaches helped by guiding and also taking our pictures for us with our camera so that we could concentrate on fully enjoying the experience. The more able among us were brought up some slightly more challenging routes at points so, in the end, everybody had an amazing experience that was suitable for all abilities.

    After climbing up, we had to make our way down...which was equally challenging but satisfying.

    After arriving at the end, we made our way back to the house where we changed and a BBQ fire had been started up. The smell and the warmth of the charcoal fire was truly welcoming as it was a little cold after our river experience. The amount of food that was prepared was truly phenomenal and totally satisfying - some ice cold beer, soda, plenty of meat, onigiri. vegetables, yaki soba...etc etc. After such a workout, the lunch that was provided was definitely a wonderful reward!

    All in all, a wonderful experience and will definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a little adventure while in Tokyo!

  • Philip Philip

    Enjoy Half Day Fuji River Rafting Tour near Mt.Fuji

    Enjoy Half Day Fuji River Rafting Tour near Mt.Fuji The service that was provided by the team was top notch. The rafting itself was alot of fun with lots of fun games to play . The views along the way we're beautiful with a great view of mount Fuji in some places. Our hosts took lots of photos of our experience and their English was good. After the rafting they gave us some advice about caamping and helped us alot.

    Overall myself and my friends really enjoyed the experience and we highly recommend it to anyone.

  • Kate Kate

    Enjoy Half Day Fuji River Rafting Tour near Mt.Fuji

    Enjoy Half Day Fuji River Rafting Tour near Mt.Fuji Before we started experience,I was impressed with the nature there.It's like typical beautiful nature of countryside,which I only saw in photos. Rafting was of course so much fun. The course had both harsh and calm points so it's sometime very relaxing and exciting! There are few small kids in the same group so the course itself was friendly for kids too.
    Highly recommended anyway!