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想要搜索马姆伯的休闲 行程吗?发现和订购各种特别的行程,希望您在马姆伯留下难忘的回忆!

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搜寻结果 1 - 3 of 3 行程

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  • Roberta (ロベルタ) Roberta (ロベルタ)


    メタフィジカル・マッサージ(バリでストレス・ヒーリング) なんというインスピレーションであろう。ファイブエレメンツを創造してくれて、本当にありがとう。父が8年前に亡くなって以来、初めて喜びというものを素直に感じることできた。感謝の言葉を心から伝えたい。グラッチェ

  • Lisa Lisa

    Try a Metaphysical Massage

    Try a Metaphysical Massage Thanks so much for checking in. It was truly amazing! My massage with Made was exactly what my body needed. He is incredible, he worked on stuff that was stuck, my knee for example. Then there was the facial, WOW! I've had my share of facials in my life but this one was so relaxing and pampering, I was snoring through some of it. Then the healing session with Wayan... another WOW. I could feel the energy when he was working on me. I had felt like I was getting a cold and had a slight sore throat. He fixed that and when he was working on my throat I started coughing and knew he'd cleared it... today I feel 100% better. Oh, and I almost forgot about the amazing lunch. I'm no stranger to raw foods but this was incredible. I was so full when I left but I felt so great at the same time