Things to do 8件印尼瑜珈行程

想要搜索印尼的瑜珈 行程吗?发现和订购各种特别的行程,希望您在印尼留下难忘的回忆!

Reviews for 瑜珈 in 印尼

  • Marley Marley

    Relaxing Day Trip to Sidemen: Trekking, Lunch & Spa/Yoga

    Relaxing Day Trip to Sidemen: Trekking, Lunch & Spa/Yoga This was the highlight of our trip. It was the best value for money I spent in Bali and I couldn't believe how amazing we were catered for. The tour was amazing, not too hard but enough To keep it interesting. We will defiantly come and stay in the villa for a couple of nights when we come to Bali. I would so highly recommend this to a couple that want a day of bliss away from the craziness of Kuta and Seminyak.

  • Henry Henry

    Relaxing Day Trip to Sidemen: Trekking, Lunch & Spa/Yoga

    Relaxing Day Trip to Sidemen: Trekking, Lunch & Spa/Yoga Wow, what an amazing place! Walking around the rice terraces was wonderful, we got to eat some of the produce straight from the ground (jack fruits, beans and chili peppers!) and had an amazing view of the valley. The lunch was pretty damn good, and the massage at the end was in a lovely little bower. Intensely relaxing!

  • Kauna Kauna

    Relaxing Day Trip to Sidemen: Trekking, Lunch & Spa/Yoga

    Relaxing Day Trip to Sidemen: Trekking, Lunch & Spa/Yoga What a fantastic day! Everything went as planned. Pick up was right on time, and when we arrived we were given a quick run down of our day and were served pancakes (both Indonesian and American styles!). During the trek through the ricefields every single picture turned out to be perfect! Our guide Wayan showed us all the plant life (really hand-on!) The staff were friendly and lunch was delicious (the vegetarian meal was so yummy!). The massage was professional and my favourite part was when could hear the distant tunes of the gamelan being played throughout the valley. I would highly recommend this to everyone!

  • Amanda Amanda

    2 Hour Yoga & Massage Therapy Session in Seminyak

    2 Hour Yoga & Massage Therapy Session in Seminyak Despite my limited experience with toga, I thought the 2 hour combination sounded really good and signed up for this last Friday! While there are lots of villas around Seminyak, the resort was easy to find and with all the bamboo trees lining the driveway, I sort of felt like I was entering a different world...

    To start, my teacher Pak Kenbar was really patient with me and made sure to mix and match poses such that I felt comfortable and kept my breathing in mind. Having taken lots of group yoga classes, it was amazing having my own private teacher to correct my alignment and explain why I should do things a certain way. He actually pointed out something I had never considered before - that part of why it's important to have straight lines anda good posture is because Yoga is an ART, and art needs to look good! :) It was clear from my interaction with him that Pak Kenbar has years of experience teaching newbies like me. Apparently he's been the resident teacher at places like the Four Seasons and Como Shambala (he's taught Cindy Crawford too!) so I felt like I was in very good hands.

    Anyway, after my yoga class, it was just a short walk over to my spa treatment room. Well, the room was actually more like a HOUSE for 2 persons! haha. Since it was just me that day, I had my own therapist Gina, who was friendly and patient throughout my jade stone massage. She always asked me if the pressure was ok and the long strokes she applied totally made me want to drift off into another place. Love their outdoor shower by the way.

    After my treatment, I sat in their small restaurant for a lovely 2 course menu of vegetarian dishes (it's nice and quiet since they only have 12 rooms or something like that). By the way, I am not vegetarian by any means but figured ONE meal without meat wouldn't kill me haha. I was definitely pleasantly surprised by their awesome creamy potato and leek soup (I'd go back just for that vichyssoise!!). Definitely order that when you go and don't forget to their welcome drink with cucumber and lime which was super refreshing!

    All in all, I would recommend this wellness experience to couples or solo travellers looking to zen out in Seminyak. Free transport is provided and the staff there are really nice and will invite you to hang out by their main pool after you are done to just relax (if only I had brought a book!!). Special thanks to Gina who also found my clothes and packed them for me when I left them in the closet!!! Apparently I was too happy to notice ;)

  • Wendy Wendy

    Relaxing Day Trip to Sidemen: Trekking, Lunch & Spa/Yoga

    Relaxing Day Trip to Sidemen: Trekking, Lunch & Spa/Yoga What a wonderful exciting day we had..
    From the moment we were picked up from the hotel till we were returned safely home ..
    When we arrived a sideman every thing just flowed perfectly .. The hotel , hosts and staff were just amazing .. We all loved the trek and found it not too challenging physically but an experience I will never forget .. Take some money as we stopped on the route back to hotel and bought some amazing local craft at great prices ..
    The yoga was a fantastic and peaceful way to finish the day for me .. Ayu was great and showed and explained all the exercises so we could return home with a understanding of how and why yoga is benificial to our body and minds .
    I would highly recommend this day and I shall be returning again to this amazing , untouched , peaceful paradise
    Thank you to Ayu and Ketut and staff for a day to remember 😃