Rinjani Trekking Club

Rinjani Trekking Club

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Rinjani Trekking Club are Team of young biologists, naturalists and providing experts Trekking Guide in mountaineering , especially to Mount Rinjani Lombok.our Teams are trained & licensed in search & rescue technique (SAR-Lombok), use local porters and promote a code of environmental good conduct.

While everybody speaks about sustainable tourism without really act, Rinjani Trekking Club has decided to set-up a strategy on own scale, to effectively act against this major issue.


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2 Reviews for Rinjani Trekking Club

  • Julien Julien

    Mount Rinjani Trekking with Expert Local Guides

    Mount Rinjani Trekking with Expert Local Guides We had such a great adventure, Rinjani climb was an unforgettable moment and we were so lucky to book it with Rinjani Trekking Club. The guide and porters were so nice, professional and especially friendly and smiling. I can only recommend, you do the climb with complete strangers and you end up creating true friendships. Special thanks to Pay, our guide and Pak Gambek, the best Porter in the world 🙂

    P.S: This hike is pretty hard and not for first-time trekkers. Temperatures are really low up there so you need good material, hence why we can not recommend a better company than Rinjani Trekking Club!!

  • Suzan Suzan

    Mount Rinjani Trekking with Expert Local Guides

    Mount Rinjani Trekking with Expert Local Guides I want to make sure everybody can know about my experience at Mount Rinjani. Was the best thing of my life!!! I can't complain about anything. Was wonderful how I found myself in that place. I just have to thank my guide. He was such a good guy, so friendly... All of them were. When I got to the summit was an unexplainable feeling, I didn't know if I wanted to cry, scream, laugh, hug, jump or whatever, but it was amazing! The view from everywhere in the mountain is so great, I totally enjoyed everything. The food is amazing, they cook very well by the way.
    I just wanna thank Voyagin for give me the opportunity of see and experience such a wonderful feeling!
    Thank you!