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Hi everyone, my name is Gusti and I am the sous chef here at Hotel Tugu. I was born in Jembrana in 1980, and here's a fun fact: while I am a humble member of the team here, I am technically considered a prince of Puri Kaleran Kabe – Kabe from Klungkung Palace. Balinese culture and cooking are not only in my blood, they are also my life passions. I am very excited to introduce Balinese and Indonesian cuisine to the world, so come for one of our special dinners to discover the deliciousness and richness of our dishes and experience the most authentic, extraordinary cuisine you will find in Bali.


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  • Kabao Kabao

    Dine like a Balinese King in an Antique-filled Room

    Dine like a Balinese King in an Antique-filled Room This experience was AMAZING!!! The food was so good. I loved the suckling pig and duck. The room was beautiful. The hotel is stunning ans breath taking. The service was wondeful. They were so nice and treated us just like royalty. Must do experience and if you do nor finish the food, they pack it for you. We didnt know that so we ate until we felt like exploding. ><