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My name is Wilfrid and I come from the island of Flores. Currently I stay in Bali Indonesia, where I work as a manager of a paintball club since 2008. Paintball is a fun game full of tactics and strategy.
I believe that our life is game. If we know the tactics and strategy of our life of game, we will come out as winners in life.

I love to motivate people who have lost their zest for life. I spend my time to seek the wisdom of life to reflect and transfer to others in need. I love all the economic news, law, conspiracy theories, health, sports, politics, social, historical, biological, spiritual... My hobbies are culinary tours and sightseeing.

I will be happy to take you on one of my experiences.
I guarantee fun!


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  • melannie melannie

    Hone your Aiming at a Shooting Range

    Hone your Aiming at a Shooting Range loved it ... do it ... nice drive before you arrive out into country part love host and hostess .. free water on arrival .. targets are already to go and you can keep your paper target as record of how you did ... great