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My name is Elora and I am the creative director for the design firm Ibuku, which is most well known for its dynamic bamboo designs in Bali, including the structures at Green Village and Green School. I spent the first 14 years of my life in Bali and the next 14 in the US, where I eventually worked as a graphic designer for Donna Karan in New York. I returned to Bali in 2010 inspired to reconnect with the culture and landscape that I love. I made a commitment to help cultivate Balinese artisans alongside young and innovative designers with the goal of making Bali the global centre for bamboo building and design. Our intention is that over the next 5 years, bamboo will become highly desirable internationally , and be recognized as a valuable and versatile resource for all people in the world. I do hope you visit our special community when you are in Bali!


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  • Naomi Naomi


    〜竹に学ぶ〜未来のモノ作りの可能性を探るツアー ツアーは バンブービレッジから始まりました。建物は外観も内部も家具に至るまで全て竹で緻密に作り込まれていて見応えがあります!水回りは銅板が使われていました。この建物は実際に宿泊する事ができます。
    竹の工場へは 各自のガイド付きの車で移動しました。工場は撮影禁止です。ここではバンブービレッジで見た家具などの制作途中を見ることができて手間がかかっていることもよくわかります。
    最後はグリーンスクール内の見学ですが ジョンハーディーさん自らの案内です!

  • Mandy Mandy

    Visit Bali's Famous Bamboo Mansions and Design Workshop

    Visit Bali's Famous Bamboo Mansions and Design Workshop We didn't know what to expect when we signed up for this tour. We wanted an unique experience that wasn't run of mill. We started off at the Bamboo Factory cum Design workshop and we were so in awe by the beauty of the bamboo designs. Next, we went to the amazing Green School that had such an interesting study concept that made me wanna be a kid again. Lastly was the icing on the cake, a visit to the magnificent 6 storeys home made from bamboo and other sustainable materials - The Sharma Springs Bamboo House which was tastefully and beautifully decorated.
    We were glad that we went on this tour and it was worth every cent. I would highly recommend this tour to anyone who would like to learn more about sustainable living.

  • Warren Warren

    Visit Bali's Famous Bamboo Mansions and Design Workshop

    Visit Bali's Famous Bamboo Mansions and Design Workshop This was a great trip. The bamboo mansions were very impressive. You will want one as soon a s you step inside. Photography in the main house is not allowed, but you can take pictures in one of the subsequent houses.

    The lunch was very tasty and we really enjoyed the detailed tour of the bamboo factory. The tour of the Green school is a must. Do not skip out in that part! We highly recommend this one.

  • Kai Man Kai Man

    Visit Bali's Famous Bamboo Mansions and Design Workshop

    Visit Bali's Famous Bamboo Mansions and Design Workshop Excellent program. It gives you a new view about bamboo.
    Definitely worth for your money. Booking went very smooth. Even after we want to change the day.
    Great hospitality. Thanks!

  • Tammie Tammie

    Visit Bali's Famous Bamboo Mansions and Design Workshop

    Visit Bali's Famous Bamboo Mansions and Design Workshop My mom and I absolutely loved the tour, it was the highlight of our trip. Everyone was so nice, accomodating, easy going and I really liked the harmonious working relationships the hosts and govoyagin staff shared. From Clara who was so efficient in helping us get in on the tour when it was too late to book through the website, her wonderful coordination ( we called her and she arranged for everything), to our guide at the bamboo factory ( we arrived late and he did a solo catch up tour just for us), and Maggie who fetched us back so our driver could get home to be with his family earlier. Of course, wonderful people aside, the things we learnt were boundless.

    John Hardy gave the tour himself of the Green School, and it was really refreshing to see so many children being taught how to live in harmony with nature, and everyone just looks so happy and healthy. The school with its many bamboo structures was breathtaking, with a cow that moos happily ( and the calf can roam free), the vortex in the river that generates electricity, the solar panels, and bamboo poles carved with donors names.

    The bamboo bungalows in Green Village are just so beautiful, the architecture is one of a kind, with brass showers, lotus themed bedrooms, taps that turn woth a stone, six stories of snaking bamboo stairways, a stone bath next to the river, a pool bordering the forest, and an entrance that brings you into wonderland.

    Just so you know, you can order furniture straight from the bamboo factory from their website. They can make gazebos, wall partitions, light switch frames, bamboo framed doors that look straight out of alice in wonderland, and basically anything you can think of.