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Hanamaki Tourist Association – GV

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Hello! we are Hanamaki Tourist Association, offering some special activities in Iwate! We're looking forward to hosting you soon.


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  • Alexander Alexander

    Explore the historical sites of Hiraizumi's glorious past

    Explore the historical sites of Hiraizumi's glorious past I had a truly wonderful experience in visiting Hiraizumi by using Keiko-san as a guide. Her knowledge, kindness and humour allows me to enjoy my visit in Hiraizumi. She brought me to lots of interesting places there (such as Chusonji Temple, Motsuji Temple, Takadachi Gikeido Hall) and I really learned a lot from them. She is also very flexible and was able to accommodate her itinerary to include other places which I want to visit. We are becoming a good friends and I would certainly use her service a gain when visiting Sendai or Hiraizumi area.

  • Sheilah Sheilah

    Discover the Museums of Hanamaki City in a trendy Retro Taxi

    Discover the Museums of Hanamaki City in a trendy Retro Taxi We met the Yamaneko (Wildcat House) retro taxi outside the West exit of the station in the area for `Hired` cars. This area is between the park in front of the station and the regular taxi stand. The park is dedicated to the works of Kenji Miyazawa. Our driver wore a uniform to match the retro taxi. He tried English but it was limited. It helps to know some Japanese or have a dictionary with you. However, our driver took very good care of us for the entire tour!

    Riding around to the various museums in the retro taxi was fun. We were able to meet other travelers who were also taking the retro taxi tour. It was an easy and fun way to get to the museums. Our driver came with us to all the places and helped find information in English. Our driver made sure that we made it back to the station in time for our shinkansen.

    Our last stop was the Wine Chateau Ohasama and a visit to the winery- Edel wein. Since it was out of season, we were able to only watch videos of the process. In the shop, we were able to taste some of the various wines they produce. They also sold cheese and snacks to have eat with your wine.

    All in all, it was a very full afternoon with lots of fresh air and a chance to learn more about the Kenji Miyazawa and the Nitobe clan.

    It is easy to get there from Tokyo. We recommend that if you have time to read some of Kenji Miyazawa`s stories such as The Restaurant of Many Orders, Night Train to the Stars, Gorsh the Cellist, The Nighthawk Star, etc… You would enjoy the area more. You should also dress in layers or bring warm clothes if you go in the winter months.