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I’m Hiroto, a representative for the Nihon Ryogaku Inc.
We offer our guests, often from China, the U.S., and Europe, special and unforgettable experiences in Japan.

I am a high-ranking Shinto priest at a university shrine.
Therefore, I am able to pass on these special information and take you to visit significant shrines for unique experiences.

This program has been arranged specifically for all of you who have joined us here today.
This is because we only share our information with those we can trust and have a limited number of shrines who support our program.

I now have an opportunity to share with you the Shinto prayers and its techniques which have been passed down among Japan’s ruling class for over 2600 years.

I hope that you will use this time to learn about the practices that have been passed down through the generations to make your stay here in Japan a unique one and about the festivals to make you happier and healthier.


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