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M.A. in Sumo Studies...

This is Verena, Sumo expert and scout.
I saw Sumo on TV for the very first time when I was 13 and it totally fascinated me... I am a Japanologist (Sumo-researcher), teaching about Sumo and working for a political foundation as researcher in Tokyo.
Entertaining ~ scientific public presentations of up to 3 hours are possible in English, German and Japanese.

In 2009 a young man from Egypt asked online for help - he wanted to be introduced to Japan's National Sport Sumo, already being an amateur. Me, and my friend Mr. G. teamed up to make the dream of that young man possible, so after hard work and long prep. we went to Japan in September 2011 together, introduced the young man to teams and really made it. Oosunaarashi had been born, 大砂嵐 - the Great Sand Storm.

I am a published author and am working on several projects right now.

More about me - German interview here:

English interview here:

Japanese interview here:


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9 Reviews for Verena

  • Erik Erik

    Learn the Mysteries of Sumo from an Expert

    Learn the Mysteries of Sumo from an Expert Verena, the host, was truly amazing! Really friendly, helpful, reliable and knowledgeable. A true expert. Easy and excellent to communicate with. If you would like to learn about sumo, she is indeed the person to get in touch with. She helped out in many different ways and arranged activities that went far beyond the lecture. It all depends on what you are after. She certainly helped me in a fantastic way. With her unique contacts within the sumo world, she will probably be able to help you out with pretty much anything in relation to sumo. I had a fabulous experience meeting, working with and learning from Verena. The lecture itself was very informative and interesting and presented in relaxed and fun way. I give Verena my very, very best recommendations!

  • Angela Angela

    Japanese Mini Class (2h) for Tourists

    Japanese Mini Class (2h) for Tourists I did this class with Verena and not Mayumi since it was new year holiday, and most Japanese have this day off.

    Verena was friendly and helpful during the lesson, which covered a range of basics and I also had plenty of opportunities to ask questions about anything I wanted to know. It was great to direct the learning towards my own interests and whatever was most relevant to me.

    The lesson I took was an informal one on one over a mug of tea while going through a slideshow presentation, so my experience might differ to the norm but it was enjoyable and practical. Thanks, Verena!

  • Lichee Lichee

    Learn the Mysteries of Sumo from an Expert

    Learn the Mysteries of Sumo from an Expert Verena is like a walking library when it comes to Sumo, her true passion. When we both studied in Tokyo, I had the big pleasure to join an important Sumo Tournament with her. It was fantastic to have my private annotator next to me. Verena introduced me into the world of Sumo with all its special rules, history and present situation. She knew about all the wrestlers, techniques, rituals and made this tournament a very special experience to me. Back in Germany I had the chance to learn even more about Sumo when I was listening to a speech of Verena about the world of Sumo at University. Everybody was impressed with the consolidated knowledge.

  • Silke Silke

    Japanese Mini Class (2h) for Tourists

    Japanese Mini Class (2h) for Tourists A small and cozy language school amidst of Tokyo’s famous Asakusa district. The staff is verycompetent, friendly and enthusiastic on teaching the Japanese language and culture. I wasespecially impressed by the passion the teachers are putting into their work (In German: Sie sindwirklich mit Herzblut bei der Sache.).

  • Silke Silke

    Learn the Mysteries of Sumo from an Expert

    Learn the Mysteries of Sumo from an Expert I’ve seen several Sumo lectures by Verena. You get LOTS of information and stories on the traditionalJapanese sport. It’s really fun listening to her presentation. I doubt there are many people asknowledgeable as her about Sumo.