Vingt Et Un Cruise

Vingt Et Un Cruise

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Vingt Et Un Cruise offers luxurious cruising experiences in Tokyo. Guests can enjoy lunch cruising, tea time cruising, or dinner cruising with a luxurious set of French cuisines. Guests can also enjoy the beautiful view of Tokyo Bay while cruising with Vingt Et Un!


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13 Reviews for Vingt Et Un Cruise

  • Manuel Manuel

    Tokyo Bay Cruise—Countdown to 2020!

    Tokyo Bay Cruise—Countdown to 2020! This was a fun and great experience. There isn't much fire works or celebration in Japan as most is spent with families or in temples. This was a great experience with both locals and foreigners. I do caution that food does go quick, but do not worry! They replenish them , it just is a bit slow and they also have a hard time understanding when you ask if there is more food coming. I was definitely full by the end of it. All you can drink was just that. Great selection from beer, wine, hard liquor enough for everyone and mixers included. Overall I loved this and enjoyed a great time with my GF. Highly recommend. Enjoy and don't get too stuck with milking it for what it is. Enjoy the entertainment and enjoy the company.

  • Austin Austin

    Tokyo Bay Cruise—Countdown to 2020!

    Tokyo Bay Cruise—Countdown to 2020! Had a fantastic time will definitely come back next year!

  • Qi Min Qi Min

    Tokyo Bay Cruise—Countdown to 2020!

    Tokyo Bay Cruise—Countdown to 2020! I find it about chaotic at the start and the buffet ran out quickly and pple started to panic whether there is enough food. Thankfully it was quickly replenished. Food was decent. My deck was very crowded and not many pple get to have a table to place their food. So we had to hold our plates and stand at a corner and couldn't get much view. However, the cruise allows us to roam to other decks including the smoking area where u could enjoy the night scene and sea breeze. The countdown at the top deck (as photo) was also very fun. The Spanish music is good and everyone was in high and happy mood. Ice cream were served. Overall, it was enjoyable but could be less chaotic at the start if the staff can speak English.

  • Aricia Aricia

    Tokyo Bay Cruise—Countdown to 2020!

    Tokyo Bay Cruise—Countdown to 2020! i expected way more than it actually was

  • Stephanie Stephanie

    Tokyo Bay Cruise—Countdown to 2020!

    Tokyo Bay Cruise—Countdown to 2020! The night did not start off well nor did it end well.

    The directions to actually get to the ticket pickup location are terrible. We were lucky a memeber if the crew walked us and about 50 other travellers to where they had to be.

    There was no inviting music until the last 10 minutes of the night. Everyone was a bit awkward and it wasn’t very welcoming. They also wouldn’t let us up on the top deck until 15minutes to midnight - which was a real bummer.

    We realised that the Buffett was standing only, but there were literally no chairs at all for anyone to sit on (unless you went to the smoking deck or when you were finally allowed to go to the top deck)! Grown adults were literally sitting on the floor of this ship like little kids because 3 hours without a chair is ridiculous!

    The Buffett food options were very average and not one member of staff directed the flow of traffic properly (like a hospitality business should). I mean get one big long table and put two utensils in each dish and have to lines running it’s not hard!

    The alcohol options for all you can drink also weren’t great. Red and white wine and whisky. That’s it. But they did have a great selection of non alcoholic drinks. (But who wants to be sober on NYE when they have paid a lot of money and in USD for this event?

    Anyway the event and the atmosphere was a complete let down and waste of money. The only good thing was seeing the fireworks and watching the various towers light up with red for the Japanese flag.

    Don’t waste your money on this type of cruise.