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My name is Hoyu and I am a calligraphy instructor with almost a decade of experience teaching a variety of students, both of Japanese and international background and across all ages. During my life I have visited many countries where I had various experiences, such as doing a homestay in Cambridge, as well as experience traveling in Belgium, Holland, Germany, France, Singapore, China, Taiwan, Guam and Australia. I also have been working as an English teacher to Japanese students for many years. I want people of international backgrounds to enjoy Japanese culture not only as spectators, but also as active participants. I think calligraphy can be a gateway for you to get to know Japanese beauty and art and improve your understanding of our culture in a whole new way. Why don't you give it a try?


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2 Reviews for Hoyu

  • Jane Jane

    Delve into the Essence of Japanese Beauty with Calligraphy

    Delve into the Essence of Japanese Beauty with Calligraphy My husband and I participated in a calligraphy class with Hoyu. It was so much fun. Hoyu picked us up from the train station and walked us via a sweet shop. The classroom was comfortable and all the supplies were great. We had a great time learning from Hoyu.

    After the class, we had a lovely lunch with Hoyu and chat about life in Japan.

    This was such an enriching experience. I want to go back for more!

  • Bob Bob

    Delve into the Essence of Japanese Beauty with Calligraphy

    Delve into the Essence of Japanese Beauty with Calligraphy I have always been interested in writing Japanese kanji in a traditional way. I was able to experience that in this lesson. It was definitely not as easy as I thought it would be (why did I think it would be so easy??), but it was actually more fun than I had imagined. Hoyu is an experienced teacher and calligrapher, so I knew I was in good hands. She helped me practice the basic strokes and then gave me a chance to do them on my own. Everything seemed simple until I tried it on my own. I realized I needed to concentrate harder. The lesson time is not long enough to become a master of calligraphy, but it was long enough to be enjoyable, entertaining, and leave me with a hunger to study more!! Definitely a "must experience" for anyone traveling or staying in Japan for an extended time. As an added bonus, I went over to Koganei Park after the lesson. There was a lot of cool things to do and see there as well!! Highly recommended, will probably book a lesson again if I can find the time!