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Hi, I am Mariko.
I provide a cooking class and teach all kinds of Japanese dish at my home in Kamakura.
I was born to a Japanese cuisine restaurant owner/chef father and grandfather, and a Ukrainian mother.

・Professional Cooking instructor
・Expert in nutrition
・Food sanitation manager
・A gastronome

・Recipes creator in Japan
・Professional Cooking instructor for hospitality dishes for Japanese
・Publishing the recipes on Japanese online magazine〈〉
・Publishing the recipes on food app 〈Yumscroll〉

I grew up eating both traditional Japanese cuisine made by my father and European cuisine made by my mother who both love cooking.

Because of my family, I naturally took interest in cooking from an early age, learned cooking from my parents, and mastered every Japanese home cooking at a young age.
Also, I studied many cuisines to get to know more about food. That gives me more good influence to what the real Japanese food is.

I studied in America for 3 years when I was in my teen, and at the same time, I traveled to a lot of countries for tournaments as a tennis player such as Jamaica, France, Canada, so many that I can't name them all.

During that time, I had many opportunities to home-stay and go to local restaurants, and taste delicious home cooking of each country's customs, cultures, and homes. I still remember those wonderful experiences vividly. I relive the wonderful times I had with the families and countries.

For me it was natural to be in Japanese culture before I went to other country.
But once I go outside of my country, I realized how different culture they each have. I had many chances to offer Japanese culture to foreigners when I was outside Japan, and I enjoyed doing so. I grew interest in the differences between Japan and their countries. Since then, I became more aware of Japanese culture.

I started this cooking class because I wanted give people from other countries the experience of Japanese culture in reality through authentic Japanese cuisine.

I would like you enjoy a home cooked Japanese meal with a local during your trip, and feel Japanese culture in reality through authentic Japanese cuisine.


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