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Hi, my name is Laura and I'm the founder and principal tour guide of my own company. I first came to Hong Kong on a two week holiday with my parents after I had finished a project working in Japan and loved the city so much that years later when I was offered a relocation with work I jumped at the chance and packed up my life in England and moved within 6 weeks!

What I now realise, having lived in Hong Kong for a few years, is that during those 2 weeks I spent here on holiday, I didn’t see anything! Of course I took the Peak Tram up to the top of Victoria Peak, I went to the markets, ate in numerous Chinese restaurants, went to the Big Buddha on the cable cars and I even took a ferry out to one of the outlaying islands. I ticked off most of the 'attractions' in the guide book, but I didn’t understand Hong Kong. I saw it as a tourist. I saw the 'tourist attractions'. I ate 'Chinese food' but I didn’t get to sample the huge variety of local foods on offer because I only ate in restaurants with English menus and even those I found mind-boggling. I never ventured into one of those back street restaurants that has been run by the same family for 60 years. Even if I had seen one I certainly wouldn’t have been brave enough to dive in!

Now I have been living in Hong Kong for a few years and I do eat in those hidden away restaurants, I know where there are concealed parks tucked away behind soaring buildings providing a welcome get away from the noise and crowds of the streets. Now I keep clear of the main roads and only travel by back streets, waving at the small business owners as I pass.

I love living in Hong Kong and I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my time then by showing it, and all of its nuances, to the thousands of people that are lucky enough to be able to visit it every year.

I am English and all of my staff are locals. Together we have researched and created a number of unique tours, each designed with the intention to show you Hong Kong and its culture, customs and history in an interesting and fun way. So, let me introduce you to Hong Kong, let me introduce you to the REAL Hong Kong, a city where East truly does meet West like in no other. Let me introduce you to Hong Kong, a place I call home.


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