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Hi, everyone.
I'm Miho, a national licensed tour guide-interpreter from Tourism Designers Co., Ltd. located in the heart of Japan, Nagoya City!

You may not know much about Nagoya as it has always been featured as an industrial city and not as a tourist city, but let me list you a couple of reasons why you should visit this beautiful city!

Nagoya is the ideal place to start and end your trip in Japan with its convenient location in the middle of the Honshu island. Nagoya itself has many attractions such as the Nagoya Castle, Atsuta Shrine, Toyota Motor Museum, and many other unique and famous museums and galleries. Not only can you stay at great hotels in Nagoya, you can come for a day trip from Tokyo or Osaka, and many other places! Nagoya is easily accessible and affordable to make day trips! You could also stay in Nagoya and go to day trips to the historical towns of Nara, Hida Takayama and Kyoto!

Nagoya is also closer to the mountains, making it easier to go snowboarding in the Winter, or mountain trekking in the Summer. Not only is Nagoya known for the mountains, it is also known for the appetizing food. However, if you wish to go out of Nagoya to eat takoyaki, you could head to Osaka in less than an hour or you could head to Kyoto to eat extraordinary traditional Japanese food. If you want to hike the largest mountain in Japan, you can head to Mount Fuji in around 90 mins.

The Centrair Airport is also 30 minutes away from the center of Nagoya's town, so that you do not have to travel all the way to Narita Airport to catch your flight back home!

Don't forget that every prefecture in Japan is amazing. Don't forget to visit Gifu Prefecture (where I am from)! We'd be happy to host you in this beautiful country. I look forward to meeting you very soon!


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