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Nice to meet you, my name is Made Sukana. My wife and I are passionate about tourism and Bali and we run educational tours to introduce travellers to Bali's fascinating culture. I was born in Songan village, the neighbouring village of the famous Trunyan village in Bali (some say it feels like walking onto the set of an Indiana Jones movie!) and I am very passionate about showing visitors a side of Bali they may not see on 'typical' tours. If you're looking to experience a different side of Bali, I am your man!


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  • Yoko Yoko

    Visit the Ancient Trunyan Village with a Local

    Visit the Ancient Trunyan Village with a Local 日本人で彼のトルニャンツアーに参加したのは私が初めてだそうです。

  • Rachel Rachel

    Visit the Ancient Trunyan Village with a Local

    Visit the Ancient Trunyan Village with a Local My day with Made has been the best day of my time here in Bali. Made is very knowledgeable & passionate about what he does but in addition, he's a very warm, kind & generous person. He's also worked hard to build a respectful & inclusive relationship with the residents of Trunyan Village. I wholeheartedly recommend Made & this experience.

  • Arie Arie

    Visit the Ancient Trunyan Village with a Local

    Visit the Ancient Trunyan Village with a Local Instead of getting a shortcut with overrated motorboat that is noisy, less nature friendly, and benefiting only boat owners, Made and Apni took us to the real Trunyan Village, meet the people there and have them escorting us to the sacred cemetery in the most lovely manner. Not only we enjoy the immersion part but we feel that every penny spent worth so much more because we know it goes to the right people!
    We were also brought to a foundation for disabled people which is full of positiveness that makes us appreciate life even more.
    We had a bit of extra time and they kindly helped us steal some surfing time before dropping us at the Airport! Can't thank them more!

    Made and Apni are very humble and wiling to always improve their service. Best one!

  • darren darren

    Visit the Ancient Trunyan Village with a Local

    Visit the Ancient Trunyan Village with a Local ** Do not believe the negative reviews - they are very old!
    This is one of the BEST tours we have ever done**

    We were picked up by Made and Apni to begin our trek out to the Trunyan village and cemetery. As we drove along our guides shared their love of culture with us and helped us to understand the area we were heading into. They explained that the old and negative reviews about the boat ride were more than 5 years old ( they have had a road into Trunyan Village for 5 years now).
    - This is why it is so important to book a local guide as he (Made) understood the customs and the language of the Trunyan people.
    - It is important to note that you should only do the tour that drives you into the Trunyan Village as apposed to getting on a boat outside the Trunyan Village. So.. take my recommendation and ask for Made and Apni - truly terrific guides and now friends :)

    The tour to the cemetery was the most humbling experience we have ever had. We felt incredibly lucky that the Trunyan people would share their culture so deeply with us. We felt at peace in the cemetery ( with thanks again to Made and Apni for sharing their knowledge of the Trunyan culture and ceremonies with us, thankyou).

    The people in Trunyan Village were very welcoming, Made and Apni had arranged a local Trunyan man to meet us at the start of the road in. He guided us through the town showing us points of interest, (we even got to meet his daughter and her friends). he explained about the special visits from the surrounding towns and we even tried the local fish ( which was very good and we would definitely recommend everyone tries it).
    Our boat trip to the cemetery was beautiful, we were gently rowed over by two gentlemen from the trunyan village who welcomed us and made us feel very comfortable and safe. we did NOT at any time feel threatened nor uncomfortable.

    We have traveled many parts of Asia and done many wonderful tours but honestly this is one of the best.... Go and see for yourselves.

  • Leanne Leanne

    Visit the Ancient Trunyan Village with a Local

    Visit the Ancient Trunyan Village with a Local I have been travelling to Bali for 30 years, and can honestly say that my visit to Trunyan Viillage today with Made and his wife was the best tour I have been on. Their knowledge of Bali was endless, and the visit to the Trunyan Village and their local cemetery was something I would recommend to everyone. My daughter and I came away from the experience with an understanding of the local people that we had not anticipated.
    Leanne - Australia