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  • 蕾

    Cirque du Soleil Tokyo & Beyond – Kurios Show Japan Tickets

    Cirque du Soleil Tokyo & Beyond – Kurios Show Japan Tickets 去大阪正巧遇上Cirque du Soleil的Totem秀,这个网站给了我在线订票的机会~而且还帮我把票送到了酒店,大赞~ 虽然买的是最便宜的票位,但是其实整个场子就是个大帐篷,所以即便是最便宜的位置,视野也一点不受影响,我看得很清楚~超赞!

  • Mikayla Mikayla

    Last Minute Tickets to Studio Ghibli Museum Tokyo

    Last Minute Tickets to Studio Ghibli Museum Tokyo only thing is NO pictures. they're serious. you can take pictures outside the building tho and that's great bc the entire museum, inside and out, looks like it comes right out of one of the ghibli movies. completely worth it.

  • Guillermina Julia Guillermina Julia

    Last Minute Tickets to Studio Ghibli Museum Tokyo

    Last Minute Tickets to Studio Ghibli Museum Tokyo I do loved the Ghibli Museum but they took a long time to answer my questions when I had and it took some time to know the actual date of our visit, what is not the best when planning the activities for the rest of the days. There were problems with the days and times I wanted but they suggested a different one to us so we didn't lost our chance to visit.
    The main problem I'd have to mention is about picking up the tickets. If you're not staying at a hotel you have to go by yourself and the directions given to reach the office were old so, some of the reference spots were difficult to find or no longer there.
    Good experience in general but still need to be improved.
    As a suggestion, couldn't you just send the tickets outside Japan so people can have them in advance and not worry while in Japan? At least when you book a long time before the visit.

  • Eric Eric

    Last Minute Tickets to Studio Ghibli Museum Tokyo

    Last Minute Tickets to Studio Ghibli Museum Tokyo This is definitely a must do for any animation lover, especially if you are a fan of Studio Ghibli. Though through this service the tickets are pricier (service charge for acquiring the tickets) oppose to what they are through the box office, its worth it. If you are not from Japan and want try to get your tickets on your own you would need to either go through an authorize re-seller if they are local to your city or through the new online ticket sales. Even then those online ticket sales you would have to be right on top of the day when the window opens up for the time you want to buy the ticket and they GO FAST. With this service you are pretty much guaranteed like 90% of the time to get your first choice of date and time. I do suggest if you are going to with this service, be aware of the cancellation policy and try to order them at least 2 months in advance .

  • Edlaine Ann Edlaine Ann

    Buy a ticket to your favorite music concert in Japan!

    Buy a ticket to your favorite music concert in Japan! This made our Japan trip unforgettable. This is a definite must to those who want to get Japanese concert tickets in a hassle-free way!

    My partner and I have always wanted to attend a Jrock concert but I always found purchasing tickets online difficult and confusing, especially because the online stores that carry these tickets ask for your Kanji name, Japan home address etc. Things can get lost in translation too. While browsing around Voyagin, I found this listing, read the reviews and decided to give it a go. I found a lynch. concert in Visunavi (great website for finding Jrock concerts around Japane) that was being held at Zepp Tokyo and luckily there were still standing tickets available! We exchanged messages with the Voyagin Concierge and they were always very responsive and clear, and they laid out all the things we needed to know beforehand. I paid through the website and they messaged me when the tickets would be available for pick up. Needless to say, they were able to get us tickets a day before the concert! We picked up the tickets on the day of the concert itself.

    They messaged us their address in Shibuya which we were able to find with the help of Google Maps. Their building is easy to recognize and we then proceeded to their floor. Before we entered their office, there was a table with written instructions where I wrote my Order ID, my name and the concert name. Afterwards, I talked to a lady in the office and a minute later, we were being given the concert tickets! She spoke to us in English and pointed out the important things in the ticket like the sequence number, the time when the venue opens and the time when the concert starts.

    We arrived at Zepp Tokyo just in time, paid for drink tokens, got some souvenirs and proceeded to the concert hall. Photos and videos aren't allowed in the concert hall so we took pictures after the concert. The concert was amazing and it's unlike any other concert we've been to. A completely different experience and in a good way! Will definitely avail of this again when we watch another concert in Japan!