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Hello~my name is Yuki Yamashita.
please call me p-yama!!!
I am 21 years-old and was studying at UW for a year in 2011.
I love playing basketball.
I would love to introduce new aspects of japanese culture to you guys!!!


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  • Gina Gina

    Party with the Voyagin Team!

    Party with the Voyagin Team! I attended "Come Party with the Voyagin Team!" just a few hours after I arrived in Tokyo for the very first time. I was overwhelmed with impressions and the best think that could have happened to me was this event because I could meet people from other countries to share my impressions with but at the same time meet people who have lived in Tokyo all their lives. We had a great time this night! The Voyagin Team is highly motivated to help you get the best out of your stay here. From my experience, I am highly recommending Voyagin and I am sure to be attending another event soon!