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Hi, this is David, a 'made in Hong Kong' local with cross cultural experience having lived in Canada, Denmark, Shanghai, Singapore, Taiwan and Vietnam. I was born in an era when HK started to boom, transforming from a sleepy fishing village to industrial powerhouse during the 60s-70s. Having lived through the riots of the 60s, our 1st stock market crash in late 70s, then the hangover negotiation in 80s, you could say that I'm practically a walking history of the city!

As an experienced hiking host (organising hiking events on regular basis), I am also a marathon runner, scuba diver, licensed travel escort, bar hopper, local food expert, sommelier, photographer, devoted home chef , home brewer and explorer. Whatever your area of interest - nature, culture, religion, people, food and/or shopping, I am there to make your experiences unique!


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