Reserve Sushi Arai Michelin 1-Star Sushi Restaurant Tokyo

Voyagin 品质保证添加到心愿单
ID: 9876

Sushi Arai, nestled in the heart of Ginza, brings creative flair and classic flavors to an evening of sushi indulgence. Experience up close the mastery of Edomae sushi preparation with a coveted seat reservation at Sushi Arai from Voyagin.


  • Let Voyagin secure a hard-to-get seat reservation at one of the best restaurants in Tokyo
  • Relish impeccable Edomae sushi served by a young, talented chef
  • Relax in a cosy atmosphere to escape the hustle and bustle of city life
  • Enjoy Voyagin Concierge Service multilingual customer support
  • Experience Michelin-starred service and innovative sushi creations

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