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  • 在您最喜爱的东京地区开车游历(从六本木开始)
  • 体验您最爱的角色扮演服!
  • 驾驶卡丁车,享受奔驰快感
  • 包含导游,让您玩得放心安全
  • 请记携带国际驾照或日本可用的驾驶证明

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2) 有效的本国驾照和国际驾照,和您的护照复印件(若是日本国民则不需护照)







1. 持有比利时,法国,德国,摩纳哥,斯洛文尼亚,瑞士或台湾驾照的顾客可以使用由日本自动车联盟(JAF)或本国大使馆,领事馆提供的官方日文翻译件作为替代。
2. 所在国驾照和国际驾照(基于1949日内瓦道路交通会议的国际驾照可以使用,而1968维也纳道路交通会议的国际驾照不可使用)



体验达人档案 :
  • 日本語 (Fluent)
  • English (Fluent)

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用戶点评 (178)

  • Kum Hoong Kum Hoong

    Fantastic experience

    One of the most to do in the list, good tour for guiding us to few attraction and surely safe to drive with their cart

  • Ruby Ruby

    Absolute must do!

    This was the highlight of our trip to Tokyo! Our tour guide was funny and very knowledgeable, the costumes were awesome and it was an experience we will never forget. Absolutely recommend the two hour tour - worth every cent!

  • Harrison Harrison

    Best experience ever

    Best experience my wife and I had in Tokyo. Must try!

  • Amanda Amanda

    Good value and experience!

    A very unique experience with high entertainment value for the price. More than one hour is highly recommended. You'll wish for more time by the end! I went with my family and everyone had a great time driving around and waving to everyone. I was a bit worried my mother would not enjoy it, but she ended up being the one who enjoyed it most!

    There is room for improvement though. It's recommended to arrive early so that you can get in costume quickly and get started asap. The time booked is not time on the road, but just the total experience time. Also, one of our group got left behind during the tour due to a cart break down. One of the guides had to go back for them while the rest of us waited. Unfortunately the tour was not extended at all, so it felt shorter than hoped for.

  • Ben Ben

    Roppongi Maricar

    Amazing. Crazy amounts of fun, great guide, great sights. Only thing I'd recommend to anyone thinking of doing it is to bring glasses or goggles, got so much debris in my eyes

  • Yinjie Yinjie

    Exciting experience

    Very unique experience

  • Kawinna Kawinna


    It's a great experience!

  • Cassandra Cassandra

    Awesome fun!

    Great experience driving through Tokyo in our carts. We got to dress up in onesies which is included in the package and have group photos at certain locations. In all, everyone had a great time although back part of group got lost! We also apologise for being late, the staff were very accommodating and friendly.

  • Amy Amy

    Mario and Luigi fun

    The explaination was super easy to understand and the costumes were really fun and quick to put on. Our guide made sure we were safe and it was so much fun. I love Mario kart and being able to do this in real life was fantastic. A must do for gamers :)

  • Kirsten Kirsten

    So much fun!

    We had a great time. Mari Cart was so helpful with accommodating our time and our large group. It was so much fun. I recommend it to everyone.