Participate in a Japanese Green Tea Tasting Workshop, Tokyo

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This is a program for tasting and leaning how to make a variety of Japanese green tea by the use of high quality tea leaves from Kyoto, Uji, Wazuka town. We are located in Asakusa, Tokyo. Join us in your spare time!


  • Experience Japanese Green Tea, our unique Authentic Cultural Tradition
  • Tasting a variety of high quality green tea such as Gyokuro, Kabusesha, Genmaicha.,etc.
  • Learn how to make green tea by using authentic “Japanese traditional tea utensil”
  • The workshop including tasty Japanese confection and 15% off coupon for tea leaves, traditional crafts and the other café menu.
  • Easy-access (1 min walk from Asakusa Station) and easy-join (40 min workshop)

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